Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gratituesday 6

It's time for a little shout out to the Lord, so you know that it must be Gratituesday, where one can be vocally thankful for something in life.

Four days ago, when I was having an awkward day, I asked Mr. Right to make us some brownies. That sweet man knows me well; after pouring some into the pan, he handed me the bowl and spatula, making sure that he left quite a bit behind for me to lick clean.

Three days ago, when I had about 3 hours of sleep, Mr. Right gave me a massage to help relax me for a nap. He never once belittled me for being a lazy bum who read most of the day in hopes of it helping me to fall asleep. (I finally got an hour’s nap sometime in the afternoon.)

That same day when Mr. Right called one of our friends with whom we always eat Sunday lunch to ask about the Mother’s Day plans, he spoke briefly to one of the other men. We were all to go to someone’s house for a barbeque. I inquired as to what they wanted our family to bring. The look I received lead me to believe that bringing something never came up. Another call to our friend indicated that we could just bring a side and a dessert.

“So, what do you think you should make?” asked Mr. Right.

“Are you really asking what you think I should make to bring to a Mother’s Day lunch?” I inquired, arching my eyebrows to give the look.

“Ummm, I probably shouldn’t have asked that,” he meekly replied with a smile.

Two days ago, I awoke around 6:30 in the morning with a smile on my face. Ahhh! Mother’s Day! Rolling over to gently wake the man in charge of the morning festivities, I whispered, “If you want to make me breakfast in bed, you’re going to need to get the kids up and get started.”

“Huh?” and a glare at disturbing some sweet dreams is what I got from him. I repeated my statement, adding, “If you’re not doing breakfast in bed with the kids, then I’m getting up.”

“Oh. Yeah. So what do you want?”

“Are you really asking me that?” I asked for the second time in 24 hours.

“Ummm, I probably shouldn’t ask that either,” he meekly replied again.

40 minutes later, after quickly hiding the book I was reading and looking as if I was asleep, I “awoke” to a kiss from The Boy. Next, The Girl sang me a sweet little serenade to the tune of James Blunt’s You’re Beautiful song. “You’re beautiful. You’re beautiful. In every single way. Happy Mother’s Day.” After that came Mr. Right with a huge chocolate chip pancake, bacon and coffee that was going to hit the spot. Homemade cards, morning snuggles and breakfast in bed… it doesn’t get much better than that, no matter what day of the week it is.

The rest of the day was fun with multiple families and as relaxing as I’ll get out. (Oh, and he decided to bring chips and brownies to the bbq.) That night he cooked us steaks. They were so good, I even helped him with the dishes. (They were that good.)

I’m grateful that God has given me such a sweet man who has a funny sense of humor, as well as the insight as to how to treat me like a queen, his queen. Not only is he good to me, he encourages our children to show their affections in their own unique ways. I thank God for His goodness that is so visible through the people in my life.

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