Saturday, May 03, 2008


What does turning 37 mean to me?
  1. Lunch the week before with my boss (steak with blue cheese crumbles)
  2. Gift card to favorite Chinese restaurant
  3. Lunch the day before birthday with coworkers for worlds best salad
  4. Thoughtful gifts from them (I'll be smelling really great for a while.)
  5. Smiling at the number of “birthday gifts” from my online friends (Yay y’all!)
  6. Waking to kisses from the not so little ones
  7. Morning snuggles from them (still!)
  8. Coffee in bed with the man I love
  9. Biscuits and gravy
  10. Morning serenade
  11. Homemade cards
  12. Special gifts from the kids
  13. Checking to see if I still look young
  14. Having a day with no plans (that I know of anyway)
  15. Being waited on hand and foot
  16. Time alone with Mr. Right (ahem)
  17. Reading next P.D. James book in series
  18. Not having to make lunch
  19. Spending time with my favorite people
  20. Calls from the family with well wishes
  21. Dinner at my favorite place (see #2)
  22. With lots of friends
  23. Much laughing
  24. Much conversing
  25. Returning home for games
  26. Charades
  27. Strawberry pie
  28. Apple pie
  29. Brownies
  30. Decaf coffee
  31. Wine
  32. Opening gifts
  33. Tucking tired-but-not-sleepy kids into bed
  34. Thanking friends for their love and the pleasure of their company
  35. Falling into bed happy
  36. Knowing that I have an extremely blessed life
  37. Thanking God for giving me another wonderful year

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