Thursday, May 22, 2008

For the Record: Y'all Rock!

Thank you so much for your suggestions for my Mac situation. Y'all were coming up with some fabulous ideas!

To answer a couple of questions about it, here's what happened: It died. I woke up one day, turned it on and got the gray screen of death. I hadn't done anything with it that was daring other than to bring it to work so that I could try to blog on Blogger blogs. (STUPID WORK FILTERS!)

We did take it to someone, but he couldn't get anything off of it. Nada, zip, zilch. Daneen, don't worry; I'll contact your person because it would be worth the money if we could get just the pictures off of it. Kevin, thanks for the encouragement. Seriously, someone should be able to get something off of it... It's not like it was in a fire, dropped from 100 feet or waterlogged from a pool.

Becky, the funny thing is that we do have an external drive, but THAT quit working too. So the pictures we did have backed up are all in limbo. We have it as a "to try to recover" item on our list too, but we want to wait until we are in the new house to have the money to try it. We'll also grab another external drive while we're at it to hold all of our pictures in a secondary place.

Mr. Right already thought of my Photobucket/blog posts accounts and friends. So we do have some photos, but between you and me, I haven't uploaded nearly enough pictures to it. So many other occasions may be lost, but not forgotten. All in all, I know we'll be okay without them, but right now it just bites.

Oh, and The Girl and I had a blast on our outing, despite my only sleeping a couple of hours the night before. (This house deal is getting to me... I'm not worried, but I can't make my mind shut off about it. All the questions, all the decisions to be made... they are a many...) But we walked the Plaza, looking at all the statues there. Then we visited the ancient sections of the museum, and while there, The Girl held my hand as we walked through the place... while we were with her friends! Amazing, I tell you! Lastly, we ate at Winstead's where the girl and I shared a chocolate milkshake because a girls' day together isn't complete without chocolate!

Over all, it was a great and wonderful day. I really needed a day like that. So, tell me something that was wonderful about your yesterday. Hit me with your best shot.

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