Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Vote For Me (I've Got Pie!) - Gratituesday 9

It's time for a little shout out to the Lord, so you know that it must be Gratituesday, where one can be vocally thankful for something in life.

I’m most grateful today for bloggy love. There are times when God uses one of you to say the thing I needed to hear or to do just the thing I needed done to feel that extra measure of support, friendship, understanding, encouragement and yes even discipline.

For the record, I don’t like the discipline one so much.

This post isn’t about the discipline one though. Woo hoo! This post is about the encouragement I’ve received of late. Susanne gave me notice yesterday that I was up for a bloggy award at An Island Place. What a joy to click over there to see me in the running with the likes of Scribbit or 5 Minutes for Mom!

Great, I've just scared myself because those ladies are in the BIG TIME.

Anyway, I found it funny at the timing because just this weekend, I was thinking about why I'm writing my blog. I've got all the reasons that most of you have, but was it enough for me? Comments have almost dwindled to nothing so it's hard to know if many are reading. Am I just writing for myself or is all that in my mind? I don't think the little green monster is in the way because I love reading others and seeing that they've got followings in the tens or hundreds.

It was after coming to the decision that I love the friendships that I've made through blogging and if I never have more than 10 comments again I would be okay that God sent Susanne to tell me about the poll. It was like the icing on the cake because do you know what category my blog is in?

"Most Likely To Succeed"

That just makes me giggle at the irony. It's like is God saying, "Hey, I'm not done here and I know that you need a pat on the back once in a while to keep going, so here it is. Now get back to work."

So I'm grateful today for the way that God uses you to help me, even when you don't realize that you're doing anything, and I'd be even more grateful if you went over and voted for me in the polls. My platform is good and there will be a delayed pie celebration at my house if I win. Just wait until we move to come on over. I'll have that spare room ready and I'll probably have found my pie plates by then...

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