Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Techies? They're Quicker Than I Thought...

Well as far as I'm concerned, you can teach old dogs new tricks... For example, here is the last Tech Support incident that I submitted on work last Friday.

Problem Description - [(Shalee) -- 05/23/08 10:07 AM] My printer has checked out for the long weekend already...

Although you and I know that the holiday weekend doesn't officially start until 5 PM tonight, my printer has decided to leave early. I imagine that it's thinking of all the techno-partying it's going to do while we're out grilling and relaxing, and who could blame it? I could see how the printer would like to hook up to the scanner when it gets a chance. I know that I get a little more festive when my boss is gone... However, I'm still here, and I still need it to work until I call it quitting time. Would you please talk some sense into my machine? I need it to stick with me until my day is done. (I'm all for leaving early, but the printer can't go until I go!)

[Close Description][Closed by McCormick, Douglas -- 05/23/08 11:02 AM]

Turned the printer off and on and it reconnected to the Network and started printing all of her recipes.

Did you catch that? The technician totally copped a joke and poked fun at me all at the same time. Oh, they're alearnin' there. They're alearnin'! (And for the record, Doug told me that I would have been helped even sooner, but the team had to quit laughing first. Now that's the way to start a 3-day weekend!)

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