Saturday, May 24, 2008

We'd Like It To Be Home Sweet Home... (with update)

Hey, we made an offer on a house. It immediately gave us the feeling of "home" when we saw it.

Would y'all say a prayer that the seller would accept it as it is under what her asking price was? We're really hoping that it's where God wants us to land.

Oh, and it has a guest room so when you decide to come for a visit, we'll have a place for you.

Help us give it to God so that we'll know his direction for us. Thanks!

Update: The seller waited until 2 PM to make a counter offer, to which we made another counter offer, to which she made another counter offer, to which we said "Here's our final offer." As of tonight, she said she would sleep on it and let up know tomorrow. So, we'll know tomorrow.

(And Stacey, just so you know, we can definitely make 5 fit around the house. Heck, we'll even be able to make spots for Jeana's crew, as long as some younguns don't mind the floor...)


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