Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Question and a Meme

Where, oh where, have my little comments gone? Where, oh where, can they beeeeeee?

I'm one of those love/hate change people. I love trying something new and going wild... like eating dessert BEFORE dinner or going for a Mocha Breve rather than the regular mocha. Yeah, change is good.

But I hate change because you never know what to expect from something new. Let's take... oh... how about a perfectly random subject - oh I know - Blogger Beta. Yes, let's use that as a completely random example of why I hate change. The switch was painless and easy, especially after being rejected for change after numerous attempts. However, in the changeover, my comments have been filtering to - oh I don't know... the Black Hole, maybe? Or to the island of unmatched socks. That's right. You comment, and I have no idea where they are going. Ugh.

I have double checked all the places where I indicated that I want comments to go to my email - both on the blogger comment setting and on my dashboard profile, but alas, the blogging pixie is against me. If you have any information on how to make the comments come to me, I would be ever so grateful. You may even find a gift of thanks coming your way if you can fix this error!

Updated because Jeana indicated that I totally left stuff off!

Pastormac's Ann over at It's Always a Production tagged me for a different, quick meme. Being that I did Susanne's last time, I thought I would do Pastormac's Ann's too, so she'll know that it's not any sort of favortism. It's really laziness on my part.

The most memorable moment in my life:

How do I choose just one?

  • There's the time I met Mr. Right.
  • Thoughts of our wedding day still makes my heart beat fast and strong and our wedding night memory does the same. (Remember: I was a virgin with a very loving, patient husband.)
  • The day these little ones came into my life made me begin to understand unconditional love.
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The time I did this and this because these people still are on my mind months and months after the events.

Although I had been a Christian for 19 years, it wasn't until I was 30 that I had a dawning of how incredible, how awesome, how wonderful was the grace of God.

Whew. That wasn't so bad after all.

Now I tag Peach, Deanna, BooMama (because she said that she was in a rut and might need another meme to get her through a post), BigMama and Owlhaven (because I'd like to see her pick just one too.)

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