Wednesday, June 04, 2008

WFMW – Putting Kids In Their Happy Place

I know that I’m blessed beyond measure in so many ways. My cup is often overflowing and spilling out onto the floor. I’d like to take a mop to it, but I like that kind of mess.

One of the ways that handle the kids is that I get rid of them send them to Grandma and Grandpa’s for the summer while Mr. Right and I act like newlyweds again and get to sleep nekked while we miss them terribly every waking moment of the summer. My in-awes actually came up with this brilliant plan, which is a God-send for us. No daycare on our part, the in-awes have live-in help and the kids make memories that will last for the rest of their lives.

The grandparents live 4 hours away, which makes weekend trips very doable. I think this year the trips will be cut down quite a bit mainly because we’ll be moving to our new house this summer and we’d like to have many of the projects done prior to the kids coming home, which will involve many weekends. But we’ll visit with them if only to make them appreciate their grandparents so much more. :)

The ache of missing them is dulled when we think about the stories and times of joy that the kids share with us when they come home. This year, along with gardening, reading and getting and arts and crafts memories, the kids are going to learn to sew, take swim lessons and cook for their grandparents. The Girl is going to take CPR which will come in very handy with the babysitting she wants to do next year and she’s going to detassle the corn. Hard work, but when she realized the money that could be made by working hard for 2 weeks, she became so much more excited about the task. I’m excited about not needing to fund as many events in the coming year.

I know that this situation won’t work for everyone, but I’m so grateful to God (and my in-awes) that it works for us.

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