Friday, June 23, 2006

Shalee, aka Martha (and no, I don't mean Stewart)

One day... Just one day. That's all I have to wait until I get to see some new friends face to face.

I awoke this morning at 4 AM all excited about the lunch tomorrow. And then I thought, "Oh man. I invited them to my house. What was I thinking?! Must clean!"

There's dust everywhere from the work we've been doing on the dining room. The chair rails need to be tacked on the walls. The dining room needs spot painting. The window needs to be washed. The floors need to be mopped. The table must be cleared of papers so that we can sit at it. The back deck needs to be swept. The bathrooms need a run through to make sure there is TP in every one. The vacuum needs to be ran. The sidewalk needs to be swept. The grass needs to be cut...

Mr. Right got up at 6:30, came and gave me a hug in all my mind-boggling thoughts (and dish cleaning), told me to relax because he would help and then reminded me that you guys won't care about the house so much as you will the fellowship, food and fun. Then he made me breakfast.

I am so blessed to have a little bit of God's wisdom living in my house. Not to mention, a really good helpmate who will do the vacuuming for me.

Now I'm just looking forward to chatting with the girls.


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