Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thursday Thirteen... And Thensome

A whole bunch of stuff that I love about going out with Addie.
They are, but not limited to, the following:

You laugh so much you feel like your sides will split.
You will really laugh when you tell Addie what you really wanted to put as a comment on her blog that day but were afraid what others’ reactions would be if you put something so honest on it and she pretty much snorts Diet Coke up her nose. She’ll tell you that she thinks it is hilarious, but no, you made a wise choice leaving it off the blog.
You will feel good about your choices that day.
You will hear a very attentive* waitress tell you that “You all sound just alike.”
*By attentive, I mean the lady will come and talk and talk and talk like she has nothing else to do for the evening other than to make sure she gets your order right. After three minutes of discussing the drink order, she will turn to go. Three. Whole. Minutes. I am not kidding.
You will talk so much that your mouth will feel worn.
You will discuss anything and everything under heaven.
You will watch with amusement when the very attentive* waitress comes to check your drink selection.
*By very attentive, I mean that the waitress who heard your comment about being delighted at trying a new coffee creamer will inquire about the reaction to it. When you state that it was okay but regular half and half will do, she will look properly mortified that such an abomination should be put upon your tongue, apologize from the depth of her being, remove the offending flavored creamers and return with much energy and speed within 5 seconds to place a fresh, half and half only container for your enjoyment.
You will love all aspects of the conversation.
You will then make funny eyes at each other as the very attentive* waitress dissects every menu item and special in the house.
*By very attentive, I mean she will give you a full length dissertation on what they have on the menu, what is the special of the evening and how everything is available, they have run out of nothing and it would be her pleasure to make sure that the order is up and ready just as fast as humanly possible. This task will take more than five minutes to complete. Five. Whole. Minutes.
You will find out that Addie really has the most charming smile, a real and genuine beam that reaches up to her eyes.
You will laugh all the more at the stuff she didn’t hear because you can say to her, “Just read it on my blog.” (Oh, I kill me sometimes.)
You will watch Addie’s face strive not to smirk when the very attentive* waitress comes to take your order.
*By very attentive, I mean the waitress will ask you 20 questions about every detail of your order, ensuring that you are having the most exquisite culinary creation known to man. 20. Whole. Questions. We were eating at IHOP. How can you have an exquisite culinary creation at IHOP? Pancakes. No brainer. The 20 questions involved, but were not limited to, the exact amount of whipped cream was to be on the top of the pancakes, how many chocolate chips would we like on it, would you like any hidden underneath (as if I wouldn’t find them!), how much caramel would you like on the stuffed French toast, would you like cheese on the eggs and would you like a refill on your drink (that is 3/4th the way full).
You will hear Addie state that it is not fair that you can silently laugh because you are sitting on the side where there is no way that the waitress can see or hear you. (Note to fellow eaters with Addie, always sit with in that position. It adds to the hilarity of the night.)
You will be charmed by Addie’s Ben stories. (I cannot wait to meet this fellow. He sounds as if he is a pretty special guy.)
You will suffer endure listen with rapt attention to another minor discourse from the very attentive* waitress as she laden your table with the feast that was fit for a king.
*By very attentive, I mean she will set each plate before you in a perfect manner, moving one here or there just a smidgeon until everything looks right, talking the entire time about each item on the plate, and commenting as she leaves about the beautiful colors contained within your dress.

You will appreciate Addie’s delight and understanding of your eating amazing foods like this:

I moved the plates, but don’t tell that very attentive waitress. I am sure she would come back and place them just so again. And we do not want her to come back unless we really need her to come back. And to be honest, three of those plates are mine, but I gave one of them to Addie. And no, it was not the Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pancakes or the bacon and hashbrowns. She got the crummy yummy eggs.

You will enjoy the fact that you can say a lot while shoveling food in your mouth and Addie won’t look at you once like you were an ill-mannered pig.
She won’t comment on your eating almost everything, either. She might even give you a look of admiration.
You will keep it together when you discover that the very attentive waitress brought the wrong food for Addie. You will really keep it together as the very attentive, yet no idea how to handle change* waitress attempts to understand the error.
*By very attentive, yet no idea how to handle change, I mean that the waitress could not figure out where the error was made. When Addie explained what she had ordered, the waitress then tried to figure out how to rectify it by asking us what we wanted to do. When Addie expressed that she wanted the banana stuffed French toast, not the banana cheesecake stuffed crepe, the woman then went into how she would put the order in, but how shall she fix the ticket when the French toast cost less than the crepe. Then she said, “I’ll just use it as my dinner selection tonight. Maybe someone will come in and order it tonight and I’ll be able to make it work through that.” She then had the gumption to say “I just want to do right by you” which really meant “I don’t know how to go in and change the order so would you please pay the extra amount without making me ask you to do so.” Addie felt so sorry for this waitress that she said, “I’ll pay the extra. Don’t worry about that.” (For the record, Addie is the nice one of the two of us.) Then as the waitress leaves, she turns and says, “You are like twins. It’s in the eyes.”

Somewhere along the lines, we decided that we were twin princesses. (It’s all in the posture and sitting arrangement, by the way.) I voted for matching tiaras. (I realize this is probably funny to no one but us…)
You will state that you need to get going, but you will still talk another 10 minutes in the parking lot about some really good stuff.
You will realize that two hours will seem like 20 minutes when you are with Addie, not enough time with this really wonderful friend.
You will realize how wonderful it is to really connect with Addie and feel like you are right at home the entire time.
You will be anxiously awaiting the next coffee time with her.

You will thank God for bringing Addie into your life as you make your home.

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