Friday, July 28, 2006

Welcome to the House of Sha

NOT to be confused with the House of Style as you will soon see.

Pre-tour words: I'd like to ask that you keep arms and feet in at all times. You will find smoke detectors placed strategically throughout the house. This is no smoking on this tour. Anyone found smoking will be taken out and shot. If at anytime during the tour you feel the need to clean, rags and cleaners will be provided. And if you find my earring that has been lost for a while know, you will win a fabulous door prize. (No, it will not be a door.)

Any questions? Okay, let's begin.

Enter into this fun house through a fabulous sage green front door, surrounded by half-dead, half-thriving hanging flowers.

I'm supposed to show you where I pet the muse next, eeking out these delightful little one liners and boring tidbits of me and all that surrounds me, but that would be at work. (They have a T1 line. We have dialup (snore). You see why it is necessary for me to do all that I can at the office. I blog when I can catch minutes here or there. No picture of that though.

On the right you will see my newly painted dining room. One day when we can save up for it, we will change out the chandelier to match the rest of the room. And that is a tall table - our counter table that we purchased for $100, the matching buffet was only $150. We spent more on the chairs than we did on those two items combined. Bargain shopper are us.

After passing the dining room, you will find yourself in the most inviting living room. This room is one of the reasons we bought the house. The colors and the brick fireplace held real warmth for us. We love the wood floors too. And there's Tenni... Hello cat. You've been in the radioactive vat again, haven't you? You're glowing.

Just off to the right of the you will see the very used kitchen. It is here where my daughter and I are doing the cooking thing together. (Mr. Right loves to cook too, but I want you to think that I take care of my family completely, okay?) Can you smell the coffee? Mmmmmmmm.. (For the record, you know I cleaned up by the sheer fact that the table is not covered in stuff! That is one of my catch all places that I can't keep clean.)

Off of the kitchen is our back deck, the other reason we bought this house. We love being outside and having friends over for fun, relaxation and talks. (What you can't see is the big trampoline just to the right of this view. That keeps the kids occupied while we adults chat away.)

Every other morning at 5:30 AM, Mr. Right and I head down to the basement to workout. It's a blessing to do it together. Lord knows that if he didn't get my behind out of bed, I would not be doing it. Every other other morning, we run the trails in the neighborhood.

Around the corner is our basement we have the tv, which is really dusty because we hardly ever use it. It's nice to have in case of an emergency though... or if we ever have a movie worth watching. Do you have any suggestions?

Lastly we're supposed to show the room that gets used the most. I'd have to say this room is it. Feel to use it if you need to... everyone else does. And I did check to make sure there were extra rolls in there... just in case.

So that's our house, the house that God gave to us after 10 long years of being apartment dwellers. Needless to say, we love having a house, but no matter where God put us, we always made it a home.

I hope you enjoyed the tour. If you like what you've seen, feel free to come by to see the real thing. I can almost guarantee it will not look like this when you come, though. The kids are at Grandma's all summer, so it was easy to make it look like I can keep a house. Sigh.

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