Monday, July 24, 2006

My Reason to Smile

14 years ago, I rolled over in my twin bed, appreciating the warm Southern sun. As consciousness took hold, my eyes popped open and I smiled with the realization that I was truly, madly, deeply in love. That was a great way to start a day.

I hopped out of bed (Yes, I am a morning person, so that is actually a correct illustration for me in the AM.) and I jaunted into the kitchen to kiss my mom, who most likely had been up for hours, slugging back cup after cup of joe. I, however, refused to touch the stuff because I thought it was just wrong to be addicted to something that you would need two pots of it before you left in the morning, and grabbed some o. j. and toast instead. (Of course, I have grown up since then and seen the errors of my ways - well that way anyway.)

Mom, who was dressed and busy already: Hey, Sha. Are you ready for today? Do you need anything? Let me know. Gotta go get some stuff done. Is Mr. Right coming by later? When are you leaving? Have you talked to Gina (sister in law) yet? Oh, wait… she won’t be up yet. I gotta go find your dad and have him do something… (See why I avoided coffee? Actually, that’s my mom’s way of getting everything out before it escapes her mind. Unforunately, I inherited it too, but it didn’t show up until later.)

Me: I’m good mom. It’s going to be a great day.

Mom: It might rain today. I hope it doesn't. What are you going to do this morning? Are any of the girls coming over later? I still have to go find your father…

Me: Take a breath, woman. Everything is going to be just fine. I’m going to take a shower, okay?

Mom: Okay, honey. If I’m not here when you get out, I’ve gone on okay? Call Gina later. I bet those boys were up way too late last night. Love ya. (walks away) Don? Where are you? I need you to carry this stuff out to the car…

My friends showed up a little later and we hung out for a while. We all talked and laughed and basically did girl things.

Around noon, Mr. Right and the guys stopped by the house. We had lunch and talked to each other about he previous evening. After everyone had gathered for some great Memphis barbeque, we all separated. The girls and I hung out for a little while, but I was in bed and asleep by 10ish, after a great talk with Gina. Mr. Right, on the other hand, was playing Balderdash, playing Nintendo and laughing up a storm with his friends. All the guys kept talking about how hilarious their answers were and about who beat who in what. Mr. Right looked a bit tired, but he still had the same goofy smile as I had on my face.

Yep, it must have been love. We didn’t even make fun of each other about it.

Around 3 PM, we all hopped into the cars and headed out. Now me being the way I am, I started putting my makeup on in the car – I may be vain, but not in the area of looks. I usually slap stuff on and go. Rarely do I look at myself later in the day to make sure everything is still there. I know it’s not, so why bother. Anyway, we all arrived in time to go change into our good clothes and to get ready for the night.

We arrived at the building, changed and took lots and lots of pictures. I even managed to not make a bunch of faces in most of them. This showed much restraint on my part. My parents were happy about that.

Around 7 PM, I walked down the aisle of the church, looking at everyone but Mr. Right. I did, however, manage to greet several people who where standing and looking at me as I walked by. In case this fact is evident to you, I am not a normal woman.

When I did finally behold this man and clasp hands with Mr. Right, I was struck with this sense of awe that this man beside me loved me enough to take a vow and to seal it with a kiss. I was also filled with peace, mixed in with excitement and adventure for the future to come. I was also moved to tears at my unbelievable God who loved me enough to give me even this.

He is a very good God. And He knows His stuff.

My first words caught on tape were, “I can’t believe he married me!” The smile on my face is a mile wide and my Irish eyes were smiling.

The cake was cut, food was eaten, toasts were made. And we drove away to discover the wonders of coupledom, a wonderful place to reside. Our marriage has been (and continues to be) a great adventure, one that I would not trade for all the gold in the world.

Today, when I rolled over in my king size bed, appreciating the warm Midwestern sun and as consciousness took hold, my eyes popped open and I smiled with the realization that I am still truly, madly, deeply in love. That is a great way to start a day.

Happy Anniversary, my sweet Mr. Right. You are most definitely the man who holds my heart.

And I am so happy that God knew what He was doing when He blessed me with you.

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