Monday, July 17, 2006

Addicted to Love

What a fabulous weekend! Mr. Right and I finally got to see the kids (after about a month of missing them), and it was worth every hardship we endured to get there. Despite a speeding ticket, standstill traffic due to an accident, really bad food to be eaten in the car, and the late arrival (10:30 PM), we were overjoyed to see our little lovebugs again. And I believe they were happy to see us.

The kids were supposed to be asleep when we got there, but I think they were too keyed up for that. They immediately jumped up when the door opened and were grinning from ear to ear. And they talked at least a mile a minute! “Look at this!” “Did you know…” “I love you!” and on and on. I loved every second of it.

After visiting a while and seeing so many things, we finally settled down to sleep (or lack of sleep on my part). We got up and made the requested Saturday morning fare: chocolate chip pancakes. And if it wasn't just my luck... All that Grandma had for chocolate chips were the Special DARK chocolate chips... Oh no, the horror of having to eat really great chocolate... It's a sacrifice that I was willing to make... For the kids, of course.

After that we played inside and then out, totally blasting each other with buckets or hoses. The kids were in complete heaven! My son couldn’t quit giggling from all the fun.

Mr. Right and I really wanted the time together to be family time, so we went to the new pool in Grandma and Grandpa’s town. The kids already had a season pass to it, but we were ready to go have fun with them there. This huge pool had tons of things to do. There was a water park area with the waterfall mushrooms, a huge dragon sprinkler, water buckets that filled and splashed water everywhere, 3 different slides, a lap area, a diving board with 12 feet depth and a sidewalk water area for the kids during break time. All of that only cost us $10 for both Mr. Right and me. What a treat! In KC, we would have to pay at least $10 per person! Small town do have SOME things going for them… Plus the pool was not crowded. We had to wait no more than a minute to go down a slide.

We played there for about 2 ½ hours. Boy was that fun. My son got the nerve to go down the big slide. He will never do the kiddy slide again! That boy is a natural torpedo! Also, with his newly acquired “magic goggles”, he was swimming under water for long times. I think he really likes being able to see under the water. That was a big stopper for him to put his head under.

My daughter who is about to be 10, out of the blue, asked to see Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Now you have to understand something about her. She gets scared watching the A&E Agatha Christie shows. The music just freaks her out. So I was really skeptical about her seeing it. Plus, it’s PG-13. Usually it’s a stretch for us to do the PG. But Mr. Right and I watched it just a couple of months ago and we couldn’t see any reason why we couldn’t try to watch it with her. We gave her the warning about what to expect and that if she wants to turn it off, we would be more than willing to watch something else with her.

She LOVED it. She laughed at all the right parts, loved the story and was still talking about it the next day. My girl is growing up before my eyes… Sniff, sniff.

It was hard to leave them again, but they are getting to have something I never had - a fun vacation at Grandma's. They will come back completely spoilt, but they will also have memories that they will carry with them in the years to come. Mr. Right and I are so blessed to have parents (on both sides) who 1) are alive and in good health, 2) want to know our children and 3) are able to keep our kids. Don't think for a second that these special things have fallen from our view. I am thrilled that our children are able to enjoy their elders and are being taught a thing or two.

We came back yesterday, but we left them with the promise that, Lord willing, we will be back in 10 days, which just happens to be my daughter’s 10th birthday. We will have much to celebrate when we get to see them again. And I can’t wait for these days to pass by. This is one summer that I am glad is slip sliding away…

For the record, I'm really upset with Blogger. It will upload NO Pictures. Humph! I think it needs some prayers of intervention myself...


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