Wednesday, July 12, 2006

How the Lord Humbles

I have a confession that I want to make to you. It's a confession of sin so go easy on me. I'm sure it will not surprise you very much, but one of the wiles of the devil that I struggle is vanity. I really want to stand out in a crowd, to be noticed, to be appreciated.

I'm sure I could blame it on my parents somehow, but I think that would be a mistake. (I can hear my mom's sigh of relief from 8 states away.) I think it is a struggle that satan thinks he can win, while God knows that with Him I can conquer it... or at least keep contained for long periods of time.

For the past month this really has been pressing on my heart. So I am praying for it constantly to be diminished, that I would seek recognition from the Lord and be happy in His sights alone.

Then this morning, Susanne emails me to say that I should go to A Gracious Home to pick up my "Best Meet for a Mocha" nomination award.

Huh? What is that about?

So imagine my surprise to see that some wonderful bloggers nominated me not only for the mocha, but also for the Best Design - Traditional.


So my question is this: How is that supposed to fit into my not wanting to have to buy new hats due to the excessive growth of my noggin? Sheesh. God can really allow me to be tested some times...

First of all the Best Design... You all know that I can take none of the credit for that, right? Every bit of the look comes from Everyday Mommy, that wonderful, kind Jules who took pity on my plain self, financed a renovation and worked wonders with the little I had. So really, in nominating me you honored her, which she really deserves.

As for the Mocha thing, I hereby invite you all to coffee (or Coke/Diet Coke for those who do not partake of the caffine in the hot method) anytime - my home is open to you all (it may not be clean, but it will be open), and if you can, you should meet me and other lovely bloggers in September. I would love to meet for coffee with you too.

So from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for nominating me and my blog. I really am stunned and pleasantly surprised to find out that others actually want to spend time with me face to face. It is humbling indeed.

Maybe God is getting through to me after all. At least I didn't make finalist. That would have really blown my head to gigantic proportions...

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