Thursday, June 08, 2006

Shalee's Diner Is Open For Business

So yesterday, I so innocently requested a "Like Joshua" Link from Jules at Everyday Mommy, one of my new cohorts in crime in the KC area. She so willingly obliged and then she sent this note.

Jules: I think it's time we did a custom topper for your blog...don't ya' think?

Me: What are you saying?!! Is it all that boring and lifeless as I think it seems too? Yeah, I know I need a change too…

Jules: You are SO much more shiny & bright and you deserve a design that says that. Wanna' let me design something for you?

Me: Let's yap about it and see what will fit for me…

Jules: Great! Give me an there anything you've been longing to see up there? I may have an afternoon to myself today! I can hop on the Mac and fire up Illustrator & Photoshop...Throw some ideas my way!

Me: Okay, see now here is where we run into a problem… That lack of creativity thing from yesterday’s post? That applies here. I know that I’m not all girly, country artsy, or really retro. I like to have lots of fun. My favorite color is red. I’m pretty much winging it as I go along in life. I don’t know that any one things defines me. I am a Christian mom, loving wife, full of laughter (mostly at myself). I like to read, clown around, sing, cook, host others in my home, make/eat pies. Not much in the way to help you huh? Call me when you get a second. I’ll chat with you about it.

And the word that caught her attention? Pie. Oh and avid, as in I’m an avid coffee drinker. She was taken by that one too.

We talked about pie and blurbs and coffee and it just hit her.

Jules: Where do you find pie?

Me: A coffee shop.

Jules: Yeah, a diner. That’s it! It’s you. It’s now…

Shalee: It’s perfect!

So I have Jules to thank so very deeply for this design that I absolutely love! She really can work wonders with the uncreative types. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And YOU get a pie sometime soon!

So here I am serving it out until you leave. What will it be honey? I’ve got all sorts of comfort foods. Lots of sides to choose. And the bottomless pot of coffee to share.

And don’t forget: There’s always room for pie.

Order’s UP! (Ding)


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