Thursday, July 13, 2006

TT 10

Thirteen things I will do when I see my kids tomorrow and the next day and the next day
(In case you are not aware of our situation, our kids are at Grandma's all summer long. Now before you say "LUCKY!", let me remind you that it has been about a month since we have seen them and we really are going through withdraw. I just plain miss them and it really has opened my eyes to appreciating their presence so much more. We are blessed to have this opportunity for the kids to get to be with the grandparents, but it does come at a cost.)
  1. Kiss them
  2. Hug them
  3. Cry
  4. Check out my daughter's new hair
  5. Let them talk until they are blue in the face
  6. Hold them close
  7. Talk until I am blue in the face
  8. Smile... A LOT
  9. Tickle them
  10. Cuddle
  11. Sing good night songs together
  12. Pray with them
  13. Go to bed and not sleep because I will be thinking of all the wonderful things I will do with them the next day - like repeating 1-13 again.

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