Thursday, July 20, 2006

Funny How Things Work

Mr. Right and I usually try to end the night with scripture reading in bed. (Some nights it is a hit or miss thing. Our bad.) We're not reading the same thing at the same time, mind you (because I read much faster than him and it drives me nuts having to wait all of 30 seconds for him to turn the page), but we are in the same book - Acts.

Usually when we read, we throw questions out, mostly hypothetical "I wonder why..." questions. You know, the ones you want to ask God when you get to heaven because there is no answer to them here. Such as: What was it like on the Ark with all those animals and all that time? Where did they store the food? Why didn't the lions eat the deer? Why did God make mosquitoes? How on earth did Sarah have that baby at 90 years old and how did she keep up with a toddler? (And you think you've got it bad, Antique Mommy!) What was it like for Lazarus after he was raised from the dead? What happened to the centurion who said out loud right after Jesus died, "Surely this man was the Son of God!" Things like that. Basically questions that we have, but we don't need an answer. We just want them.

But every now and then, one of us will ask a question that does have an answer and God will reveal it to us pretty quickly. Last night I threw out, "So what was the difference between the baptism of John the Baptist and the baptism after the death of Christ? And did those who were baptized with John's baptism feel that they should be rebaptized if there was a differnce?" (For the record, I do believe that baptism is important and relevant. There are just too many examples of it them and scripture references to the churches for me to not believe that it is just something that Christians should do. NOT trying to pick any fights, just stating my opinion from my studies.)

Anyway, I ask the question and, not even a chapter later, God springs the answer on me - Acts 19, by the way. (Oh how nice it would be for all my questions of him to be answered like that!!!) That is just such an amazing thing. It reminds me time and time again that God does speak to me in different forms. I just have to be willing to hear His answers. And I find that as I'm reading through His Word again, God always reveals things to me that I've never comprehended before, even though I've read the same passage a number of times in my past. He is always refining, always teaching and always sculpting me. Of that, I have no doubt.

Someone sent this link to me and I think it is marvelous, not to mention, down right brilliant.

God's Yellow Pages

It just goes to show: we need to let our fingers do the walkin' and let God do the talkin'.

So tell me, how has God answered your questions lately?

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