Monday, August 21, 2006

Thank You Lauren

Lauren at Created for HIS Glory (oh, how I love the name of her blog!) just totally made my Monday. She so graciously bestowed upon me the LOCA award, which I now display with honor and (good) pride.

When I told her that I couldn't wait to meet her in October to give her a real hug, this was her response:

You’re the shoe smeller* right? I didn’t realize you were a hugger too. I plan to buy new shoes before I arrive and receive plenty of hugs once I’m there. I don’t want to miss out on anything Shalee can throw at me.

*This makes more sense if you've read this post by Antique Mommy.

Who knew that my reputation would precede me so well? But "shoe smeller"? Oh, I've got to do something else to get a new nickname and vision for her head...

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