Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Today's the Day!

After work, I get to stop by a hotel to pick up a person I've never met. AND said person is coming home with me. AND Mr. Right approves!

Yes, I live on the wild side, don't I? Didn't you know it's National Pick-Up a Stranger Day? Well, it is.

Heather of My Roller Coaster Ride of My Life and Funny Thoughts About Life's Daily Happenings! (say that ten times fast - I know, I know... "that ten times fast" - very funny) is in town for a little business trip, and I plan on taking full advantage of monopolizing her time tonight. She's making it ever so easy on me with her staying in a place that is on my way home and having the sweetest disposition you can imagine... at least over the phone. When I told her that I can guarantee a messy house, she just laughed and said she'll feel right at home! Now who doesn't want a visitor like that! Then I warned her that my kids most likely will talk her ear off, and she laughed and replied, "I'm an aunt. I'm used to it."

I think Heather should move to Kansas. I'm just saying!

So amid all the paint cans, cleaners and clutter, I will have a nice, comfy, much-anticipated rendevous with Heather. Oh the sheer bliss of spending time with a her! (If you want me to give her a hug, you'd better get your count in quickly. She's got a big one coming from me, but I'm sure there are others who want me to pass one along to her as well.)

Tonight we'll be feasting on a traditional Sunday meal- even though it's Tuesday... roast beef (lucky her, it's what was in the freezer), po-tay-toes, carrots, rolls and I do believe I can con Mr. Right into making a pie with me... I can't decide on strawberry or apple...

What do you think? Which one would you choose given a choice? And what areas of conversations do you think we should discuss? (Because you know I have such a hard time thinking of anything to say...)

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