Monday, April 30, 2007

Laying It On Thick

Kelli at Living in Grace had a wonderful idea. She's suggesting an intercessory prayer coverage for Heather as she is having and recovering from brain surgery.

Kelli wrote:

The surgery is this Thursday with recovery lasting about 6 days. How about we start covering her Wednesday at 8am CT and go forward for the coming week? If you could commit to a certain time every day to pray, we can ensure that we have at least one person praying at all times 24/7.

Prayers for Heather... yeah, that's something I can continue to do for her. Only now, I'll be doing it at 9 AM to help with the prayer blanket.

Anyone else want to join in on the prayer? Head on over to Kelli's to sign up to bless the hospital gown off of Heather! (That's figurative y'all. Heather, keep your clothes on...)

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