Monday, April 30, 2007

In Answer To My Message

Before leaving work on Thursday, I posted this message in my Out of Office message box:

I will be out of the office today, Friday, April 27th. I will be out playing with some friends without the slightest concern for work. However, I should be in on Monday with the utmost important concern of addressing all emails, so if you can wait until then, I will be more than happy to respond at that time.

Thanks and have a great weekend,


Since I have my blogger comments set up to come to my work email (so I can get your up-to-date comments on my stupidity or my laughable moments), a number of you received that message in reply to your comments and responded back in a great way. (See what you miss by not setting your profile to show your email address? Not only this, but often I will respond to your comments! All the more reason to add your address to your comments! Fun! Excitement! Talk with Shalee LIVE!... unless of course you don't want me to respond. Then you're pretty safe.)

Anyway, in answer to your questions about whether or not I had a great time, if the day off was an Admin Gift, if I made it back in one piece and if I had questions about returning from such a fun weekend, I'm doing a little blurb about it.
  1. I had the best time ever! (Which when you think about it is pretty hard to actually define - ever's a pretty long time and I've had quite a few moments that I would live again and again. This weekend is now added to that list.) I met with four other ladies (sans enfants) at a very nice hotel, and we did all the stuff that girls on their own usually want to do: we ate a lot of yummy foods, we painted our nails, we talked and talked about anything and everything, we stayed up too late, we saw a movie together, hung out by the pool in our bathing suits and still had great respect for each other, drank just enough (the drinking had nothing to do with the bathing suits moment) and laughed more than should be allowed. Then we decided that we should do it all over again in a few months.
  2. The day off was not my Admin gift from my boss. (I'll tell you about that at a later date.) I took the day off so that I could leave early and enjoy the full time with my friends.
  3. I did make it back in one piece despite my attempts to get lost. (I missed a turn only to realize 15 minutes later that the road did not look familiar and if I were on the interstate, it would not have crossroads. (Hey, I was listening to a book on CD - one on my Spring Reading Challenge list, mind you - and I got distracted. Oh well, more listening time for me.)
  4. Lastly, I did enjoy myself, but the nice thing about a weekend away from the family is that it can make you appreciate home all the more. I loved the hugs that were thrown on me upon my return. The kids looked a lot more lovable and Mr. Right's kisses were sweeter than honey on my lips. That old addage "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" really did ring true for me.

So that was my much needed mini-vacation. Now, you tell me something that made you smile in the past few days, with or without the bathing suit moment. Although, if it is with, then perhaps you should send me a bottle of wine first. Always best to be prepared...

(Oh, and as far as the house is concerned: No bites as of yet, but we're still not worried. God will sell it when he's got everything lined up. We're just going to keep enjoying the cleanliness that comes with a house on the market, because y'all know that it won't be that way for long in our new house, wherever that turns out to be! Thanks to those of you who are praying on our behalf. The prayers are working and are greatly appreciated.)

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