Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday Manners

I don't know about you, but it seems that manners are missing in many of today's kids. Heck, it's missing from many of today's adults!

So in hopes of educating young and old alike in the ways that they should go, I'd like to introduce some simple, yet effective reminders to aid us all in the was of great manners. And I'm going to use none other that Hoops and Yoyo to make it fun and exciting! Now, let the lessons begin!

Lesson 1

Opening a door

As you go about your day, see if you can put this wonderful lesson into practice with your family or, better yet, with a stranger. Perhaps you can make someone else stop and think about doing a great thing for someone else.

(For this month's manners lesson for my children, we are teaching the boy to get the girl's car door and for her to accept his act of service with grace and thankfulness. As the month has progressed, the boy IS remembering to do it on his own and the girl is learning to wait for him. Such a beautiful thing to see...

And as we were going to lunch yesterday, we had a female friend of the boy's in the car with us. When we were walking into the restaurant, the boy pulled me aside and said with sadness, "Mommy, I forgot to get Rachel's door." I assured him that it was okay, but that maybe this feeling of remorse will help him to remember to get it for her next time. His countenance brightened, and he said, "Yeah! I can get it for her next time!" And then he ran to beat her into the eating establishment. Sigh... Well, it's a start. It's a start.)

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