Tuesday, August 14, 2007

WFMW - Foot Flush

Want a "handy" gadget which will get your kids to remember to flush the toilet when they've finished in the bathroom?

Install a Foot Flush (click on link to find one for yourself) on your toilet. It is a hands-free, germ-free toilet flushing device for your bathroom. It's super easy to install (I did it in 2 minutes flat), fun to use and, most importantly, it will get your kid to flush when he's done. (You potty training moms? The reward of flushing may just be the extra trick in your bag that you've been missing.)

Installation was a snap. Three quick steps and voila! Instant flushing with my foot. No tools were needed. No masters in physics either. As a matter of fact, the hardest part about the entire task was getting the stupid box open. I may not have needed a PhD in anything, but I probably could have used a month's worth of weightlifting at the gym...

I only wish that it would become common practice for all toilets to have this handy dandy little feature. I use my foot to flush public toilets anyway, so it makes all the more sense to have it set with a foot "handle" anyway. Anything that lessens my chance of touching germs (even though I wash my hands after I use the facilities) is a winner in my book.

My kids love to use it. They both give it two feet up.

Head on over to Shannon's for a bunch of other great tips.


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