Thursday, August 09, 2007


  1. Footsteps on the stairs
  2. Laughter in the hall
  3. Unexpected kisses
  4. "Indoor voices..."
  5. Nagging to get teeth brushed
  6. Manners reminders
  7. Non-stop storytelling
  8. Hearing "Guess what?" four times in the spanse of five minutes
  9. Stopping someone from tattling
  10. Secrets whispered
  11. Plans solidified
  12. Cute little tushes running through the house
  13. Yelling to keep someone from pestering another
  14. Bedtime snack of homemade cookies from Grandma
  15. Pouting/whining
  16. Reminders of how we don't allow pouting/whining in our house
  17. Huge hugs
  18. Playful teasing
  19. Reminders to obey the first time
  20. Doors shutting more firmly than they should be shut
  21. Sudden smiles
  22. Begging to not go to bed
  23. Singing a night-night song
  24. Going to the bathroom... again
  25. Watching little angels in their beds

Life is finally getting back to normal.


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