Friday, August 03, 2007

Ketchup At Shalee's Diner

Well, let's see. It's been a while since I've done a "What's going on with the Diner owner" deal. So let me just throw a few facts your way.

I'm willing to move to the Smoky Mountains this minute. I lost a few pounds over that week, and my pants fit better than they have in a while. That vacation was better in more ways than I can count!

Our basement still looks like this:

With the weekend trips to visit the kids and the long vacation planned, we just haven't had time to schedule bids, make decisions and just get 'er done! So can you guess what will be on high priority at our place? Makes you want to run here for a visit, doesn't it? Well, one good thing about it... I've had one less level of house to clean.

Oh, and we've decided to take our house off of the market for now. We'll most likely put it back on come spring, but with school about to start on the 15th and the girl entering middle school, I just don't feel comfortable moving at this time. We know God's got our back and he has some reason for our staying in this neighborhood. We're just keeping our eyes and ears open for what those reasons are. It really makes me feel like Abram... would I be willing to sacrifice something that I held very dear. Well, we put it on the altar, but God chose not to burn it at this time...

One huge blessing that Mr. Right received (on our anniversary, none the less) was that he has been promoted to Supervisor at work. He started that position yesterday and he says that already he feel like a manager. It's different but good. So thank you God for that sweet increase in pay. We'll take what we can get and be very grateful. The only downsize to this promotion is that his hours went from fantabulous to sucky. He holds the 10 AM to 7 PM shift now. We're going to be doing some creative managing to make sure that we all keep together as a family. If you've had to deal with this work situation before and you have some good advice, I'm more than willing to listen!

My work is moving offices and I was so excited about it... until I saw where I'm going to sit. In the front... with no windows in sight... as a receptionist. Now there's nothing wrong whatsover with being a receptionist, but that is not my job description. You have to understand that this situation is almost cruelty in my opinion. We're on the 12th floor with beautiful views, and I get to look at four walls. To be incredibly honest, it makes me want to cry buckets. I've seriously had to give myself some talks to just deal with it and we're not even moved yet! Pray for me. I'm really going to need it. I just hope that in a year I can still say so openly that I love my job.

But on the upside of things, the office comes with a membership to the workout club. Guess who gets it?! I'm going to start my workouts come this fall, and I can't wait. Maybe I can keep my pants fitting so nicely...

And I'd like to throw a huge thank you out to Big Mama for suggesting that I read Peace Like A River. I truly loved the book. It made me cry when it was over because, to be quiet honest, I didn't want it to end. I loved the characters so much; I wanted to wrap them all up to take them home. Needless to say, this book will be on my shelf sometime soon.

We're off to see the kidlets one more time before we bring them home next weekend. And this weekend is the COUNTY FAIR! (Momma, can we go to the fair? I can't wait to visit the petting zoo! Can I ride lots of rides? Can I please have a funnel cake? Oh and cotton candy?)
I'm thinking that Mr. Right's promotion came just in time...

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