Sunday, July 22, 2007

Gatlinburg - Day One

The wonderful B&B where we stayed

Good morning world!

Beautiful peaks to great the day

The finally started to peak through the clouds...

We love horseback riding.

I love my good-looking cowboy!

One of the hills through which we rode.

Riding by Douglas Lake

Love this shot!

I finally met Shayne of Better is One Day In Your Court! She and her sweet man met us for lunch. We talked for about two hours and it was fun, fun, fun! She's exactly as I expected her to be: sweet, real and lovable. When Mr. Right and I were finally pulling out from the restaurant, I told him that I could totally see hanging out with Shayne and her man. Mr. Right then told me that he told Shayne that exact thing. I like it when we agree!

Obligatory cheesy pose... Just for you!

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