Saturday, July 21, 2007

An Answer to Anonymous

I found this excellent question in my comment section from my post from yesterday.

"Anonymous said...
Can I ask a question without you getting defensive and or angry? Why do Christians drink and think it is ok? A glass of wine without the intentions of getting drunk is different the bible says a little wine is good. But to drink to get drunk...I don't understand."

First off, Anonymous: Thank you for your great question. If I am giving the impression that I feel that it is okay to drink until drunk, then I need to set the record straight. If you feel this way, there's no telling how many others may feel the same way.

Remember that all Christians are people, but the sin of the people doesn't change the perfection of Christ. One Christian does not represent every Christian, so be careful in lumping all Christians together. We have varying ways of thinking. My sister-in-awe also feels that having a drink is okay, but drinking excessively is a sin. She has never had a drink, and she chooses to not do so.

Perhaps I should clarify that although I do enjoy an occasional drink, I don't believe that we should ever get drunk. I rarely have more than 1 drink in a week, and when I do, it is usually with a meal. I do, however, like the idea of the playfulness of certain drinks. I like trying to create little mini-adventures that will compliment a meal.

Mr. Right compares my enjoyment of alcohol to my passion for dark chocolate. I talk about my love for really good dark chocolate quite a bit, so much so that Mr. Right gave me 3 bars of dark chocolate for Christmas. However, they have lasted me through July, and I still have an unopened bar. Although I love dark chocolate, I consume it in moderation.

I feel that I need to make another point though. In the same way that drinking until getting drunk is wrong, so are

  • eating to the point of gluttony
  • shopping as a source of fulfillment in life
  • religiously watching tv shows that are absolutely against God's warning of fleeing from sexual immorality
  • living beyond your means
  • wanting money so much that it becomes your sole goal in life (becomes your god)
  • having sexual relations outside of marriage
  • blogging so much you ignore your family's needs
  • lusting after someone who is not your mate

Let us be careful to see anything that takes the place of love for God as something that needs to change in our lives. (And I know there are a number of areas on which I need to work, too. Self-assessment is always good.)

I hope this post makes clear my thoughts on drinking; I don't believe having a drink is a sin, but I do agree that drinking excessively is. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask away and I'll answer if I can.

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