Thursday, July 05, 2007

TT 12

13 things that are different since the kids have been away
  1. I don't do nearly as much laundry.
  2. It's a lot quieter around the house... too quiet sometimes.
  3. We eat out a bit more. (That has got to stop! We're going to have to eat peanut butter sandwiches on our anniversary trip...)
  4. Breakfast is usually forgotten altogether by me. I don't have two kids asking me to sit and to eat with them.
  5. Our milk went bad... really bad because the kids weren't here to consume it. (I still haven't bought any more milk.)
  6. I'm spending much less on groceries.
  7. The ice cream seems to be able to last longer than a few days.
  8. I've slept in past 8:30 AM twice. (Woo hoo!)
  9. I find myself doing "kid things" a little more. We played in the rain and sailed paper boats down the rain water current, running after them to see their progress down the street.
  10. Mr. Right and I have been on way more dates. (Two concerts, a couple of trips to the arboretum, a couple of stay-at-home-watch-movies-in-bed-without-clothes date nights, a Royal's game and many holding-hands walks in the neighborhood... not bad, not bad at all, if I do say so myself)
  11. I am not finding myself disgusted over the thought of cleaning the kids' bathroom. (When do boys finally make it all the way in the toilet without leaving any sort of mess?!)
  12. I can easily, and without intentionally avoiding it, not go into the basement in over a month. I guess I just don't live down there very much.
  13. There's a lot more *aheming* going on...

What are some things you've noticed around your place this summer?


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