Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Main Reason You Should Have Caller ID

It might be me on the other end.

In an unheard-of run of telephone marathoning, I - a person who is at random times very uncomfortable with being on the phone - made several calls to individuals with whom I've been wanting to speak.

My first call was with Barb. Now the funny thing is that Barb and I emailed for at least half an hour earlier in the day about all sorts of stuff, one of which was the fact that I can't - I mean it's physically impossible for me - be on the phone for hours on end. When I've had my fill of phone time (which you must understand has nothing to do with the person on the other end, but has everything to do with me and my quirky self), I gotta go and I gotta go quickly. I was just setting the perimeters of how I call. And you know what? Barb said she was the same way. I knew there were even more reasons to like her! So when she answered her phone and I identified myself, she said, "Oh hi, Shalee. I gotta go. Bye." I said, "Okay, talk to you later." Then we laughed. And that started the entire talk fest. We both talked til we were ready to get off the phone; our jitters to cease the call started at the same time, so that helped to avoid any awkward, embarrassing moments.

And time flew, as it should when you're having fun. Barb, you haven't heard the last of me yet! And we will meet someday. Oh yes, we will meet... and we'll drink dirty martinis and eat lots of really bad for us, but good night it tastes so good food!

After finding that I loved the phone time with Barb, I figured I might as well give my weekly phone message to Boomama's cell. I say that because we have had the worst time getting a hold of each other. Either she's out of service or she's on the line with Big Mama or Emma Kate or she's out washing the cat... It would be absolutely comical if I could figure out some funny way to tell it, but it's too late now. Anyway, imagine my surprise when she actually answered the phone! I was speechless for a moment because it was so unexpected. (Someone take note: There was a day when I was at a loss for words.) I recovered quickly and then proceeded to talk first with Alex (a gentleman and a sweetheart all in one and I'd take him home if he'd let me - and the chances are he would with the way he's ditching his parents to stay with his grandparents...) and then with Boomama herself. And the part I loved best? She started in on a great conversation as if I have known her since second grade. Yet another great conversation that made the clock swirl around to show the end of day. I can't wait to have another conversation with her about anything and everything and nothing at all.

I tried to give a call to Addie, but she was out playing somewhere...

And to top off the night, I gave a much needed call to Heather, the one who I was supposed to talk to last Monday, but life happened on her part and so I promised to call last Friday while driving up to see my kids, but I was a bonehead and forgot all about it. And I should have called her when I was driving back from seeing the kids, but like a good rider in a car, I got lost in a good book and then promptly forgot again. I'm such a liarhead... So I made the call and confessed my idiocy. Fortunately she forgave me. We too talked for almost an hour. She's such a doll and a strong lover of God. I want to have faith like her if when I grow up.

But wait!! There's more! Addie called me back when I was on the phone with Heather. So I debated if my "I won't call anyone after 9:30 PM" rule was still in effect, but I threw caution to the wind and called her anyway. We laughed and giggled and decided that we need to get together sometime after our blogging trip anniversary getaway.

So maybe there is something to reaching out and touching someone after all...

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