Tuesday, June 19, 2007

All About Me (As Life Should Be)

First of all, thanks for the song recommendations, especially to Kelli, who basically sent me her entire iPod list. It will take me a while to go through yours, Kelli, but I'm taking notes!

Now since I'm still being a totally selfish dweeb and expecting you all to come here while I'm not able to venture out much, I've decided to do a meme in your honor. I think I owe memes to about 7 people now... that's how behind I am! So I'll go back and do Chili's meme tag since she's the one that I've needed to do the longest. And yes, I know I'm a bad friend. Sorry Chili!

Chili tagged me for the "Things About Me" meme. This time, though, we're doin' the teenage years! I have to admit, I LOVED my teen years. I loved HS, I was active in most everything, and I would have gone back and have done them again if I were allowed to do so. People say I look really young... I wonder if I could pull off going back as a student... Nah, my daughter would have a resounding no if she were to see me frequent any of her halls or potential halls of school.

Here are seven things that happened to me as a teenager.
  1. I didn't have one group of friends. I was one of those kids who could befriend anyone and have acquaintances from every walk: sports people, cheerleaders, newspaper, honors students, skaters, dramatics, artists, etc. This characteristic was a huge blessing for me. I had friends from all walks of life, in every shade of color, from all economic backgrounds. As far as I know, I was never labeled a snob or unapproachable. (And if you do know that I was labeled that way, keep your trap shut. I love this delusion.)
  2. I was in every choir possible. Just ask my mom. She can verify that if there was a group, I was in it. I loved the singing, my director - Ms. Thomas, and the social aspect of it. And I can imagine that my white face stuck out well in the Gospel choir. (I was one of three white singers in the gospel choir. I grew up in the south and let me tell you, those people can SING! I was just glad to be among them.) And believe it or not, I was in the swing choir, despite my only being able to do the white girl's dance. I spent a lot more time practicing my steps than the rest of the group had to spend on them, but I got them... eventually, usually right before our first performance.
  3. My very, very, very best friend was a boy. Ken really understood me and I got him, so it worked out for the both of us. We only ever went on one date, decided that wouldn't work and then became the best of friends. I was guaranteed to have a "friend date" for any weekend night and we totally helped each other in the dating department. Well, I helped him because we all know that I knew what I was doing. Ummm, yeah. And I've still never forgiven him for making me watch Pumpkinhead when it was his turn to pick the movie. It serves him right that I nearly tore his thumb off during that stupid movie. Hmph.
  4. I dated one guy from my sophomore year through my first year of college. I met him when I went to visit my very best girl friend Mandy who moved my freshman year of HS. While in Murfreesboro, she set it up for him to take me to church with him since we both attended the Church of Christ. (I don't know why she didn't just invite me to her church...) I went to church with him that Sunday and the rest just happened. It was a long distance relationship, which strangely enough, worked really well. We wrote each other all the time, talked on the phone and saw each other as often as possible. I only broke up with him because I thought we were getting married. Yeah, go figure that one... I thought it would have been wrong to marry him without really dating anyone else. And I'm really glad I followed my heart because God had Mr. Right waiting in the wings for me, just a little bit later. Yay God!
  5. I have very detailed and fond memories of church camp that our youth group went to every summer. It was full of life and lessons and fun events. We had a talent night where I did my "shortest woman in the world" skit with Ms. Markart, we ate fabulous foods that were all handmade by our moms and we played lots and lots of games like volleyball, softball and crazyball. I hope that my children have just as much fun at their future youth group camps!
  6. I've always been fairly confident in myself. I would do/try out for whatever floated my boat - flag squad (didn't make it), choirs (made those), honors classes (successful at all except AP History - gah! If they would have told me it in story form, I'd have remembered, I'm sure!), building sets and being in plays. If there was a task to be done, I showed up to help. That's one of the ways I made so many friends with the other kids and the adults.
  7. I had the BEST prom night. My then long distance boyfriend showed up and we went to decorate for the dance. We headed back home and did the dress and tux thing, had pictures and then went to pick up a fellow couple. A huge group of us went to dinner, then to prom and then afterwards, about 20 of us went to my house where we made homemade pizzas and stayed up all night watching movies and playing games. We went out for breakfast the next morning as an end of prom celebration. It might seem boring to you guys, but to me, it was a perfect night with many of my friends and the safety of being me.
  8. You know I can't count! Last one I promise! My senior year, I won the Best Supporting Actress for the role of Evilene in "The Wiz" and Fine Arts Guilds "GAF" award which was presented to the individual who embodied the life and energy of fine arts - art, vocal, performance and drama. Only the adults were allowed to vote on it, and I found out later that it was a unanimous vote. THAT, my friends, made me feel really great about me being me. I know that it sounds as if I'm bragging, but really, when I think of HS, that memory always comes into play.

Okay, I'm only going to name 3 others to do it since I have so many memes to do soon. I'll probably tag you all sooner or later! I tag My Best Investments, GiBee and Antique Mommy (because you know that girl has some good stories to tell!)


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