Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Shalee's Word Affair With IT

Ahhh, yes. We come to the next chapter of "Shalee's Word Affair With IT."

When last we saw, Shalee was battling against the evil installs which wouldn't accept some of her applications. She held her ground and sang out to the IT wizards for help. They came to her call quickly and painlessly.

Now it's been a while since our heroine has been perplexed with her computer... However, the computer has been devious in its workings. It's found a new way to mount obstacles before Shalee as she is stretched to her limits at work. Never fear, Shalee, although running around like a chicken with her head cut off, faces the challenges head on, vowing to never submit to the will of her evil nemesis. Let's look at her problem solving techniques.

Problem: It's like molasses in December...

Problem Description: Our Outlook is running so slowly. Opening an email, switching from mail to calendar or trying to switch from one email to another is extremely time consuming, not to mention unhealthy. In the time it takes me to attach files to an outgoing email, I can eat through a bag of Oreos or Cheezits. I've timed it using these highly scientific methods. And of course, they say to test hypotheses at least three times, so I'm going to run another test using my box of Wheat Thins; it's not as big of a box as my Cheezits, but they're a lot grainier, so I think that will make up for the difference in ounces.
In order to save me from ballooning to the size of a baby walrus, would you please run diagnostics on your end to see to what we can account the slowness and thereby repair the sluggishness of the system? Because I'm down to only a package of Archway Molasses cookies after the Wheat Thins, and they're really soft so I think I could eat them in 2 minutes flat - not really a fair time tester in my opinion. And I don't have time to go to the store, unless of course, I'm trying to work in Outlook. Then I've got all the time in the world.

Will she succeed in her task? How soon will the IT department come to her call? Will she finally shown her ultimate authority at the end of this irksome battle? Tune in later to see if Shalee has foiled the intentions of her computer... and if she she'll be able to fit into her pants by the end of it all.

(Seriously, if you could say a prayer for me and my dealing with work, I'd be very grateful for your interceeding. I am swamped and I haven't looked at my Bloglines in quite a few days. Please don't think that I'm not ponderings the ins and outs of your lives. I'm just completely over my head at the moment. That being said, I really miss talking with you all. Give me a shoutout so that I know that y'all are doing well. And hopefully, I'll be back in the swing of things soon.)

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