Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I Need Another Holiday

There was just too much stuff going on this weekend. So lucky you, I'm going to break it all down into bite-size pieces.

My daughter was part of a "Congressional Hearing" at school. They broke up items about government and had to explain it well to the audience (parents). Then they had judges ask them off the cuff questions and they had to answer well as part of their grade. My girl was part of the "rights" of citizens: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, rights for all people - no matter age, color or ability.

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The first question out of the shoot was "Do you think prayer should be allowed in school?" Three students answered in the negative, but then my daughter answered thusly, "Well, I disagree with them. I think prayer should be allowed in school, but it shouldn't be a teacher-led prayer. I think others should be allowed to pray, that time should be set aside so that if anyone wanted to pray, they could. They could even go to a separate room to do it. But I think telling someone that they can't pray is going against their right to freedom."

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I sat there awed... and smiling.

Another question asked was "Do you think that we as a country do a good job with respect to those with disabilities?" Again, most of the panel agreed that those with any kind of disability was treated well. But my daughter spoke out in the negative. "I think we don't do a good job with those with disabilities. For example, the deaf have a very hard time communicating when they go out. If they went to McDonald's, they could not order very well unless someone who knew how to sign went with them and communicated to the employee what they wanted. I think if we really wanted to be fair to those with disabilities, we would learn their language to help them feel more a part of the community. If we all had to learn some sign, then they could communicate better with those who could hear. I think we should have a choice to learn signing, maybe in 6th grade when we get to choose our classes. But as a whole, I don't think we do a good job including everyone in the community."

I'm telling you, I was a very proud momma at that point! She gets what so many adults still have yet to learn. Just because we're different doesn't mean that we're not all important... I went back to work feeling so glad that I was able to go to hear my girl.

Do you remember when I lamented about not ever doing birthday parties on time? Well, I decided that I wasn't going to do that this time, at least with my daughter. Her birthday is in July, but with summer vacations for her friends, traveling for us and the general laziness on my part, I thought I would have her birthday party before the end of school. So on Friday, we had our very first multi-girl slumber party for the girl's almost 11th birthday party.

All I can say is that Mr. Right and I are still very, very tired... How is it that tweeners can stay up so late? I was tired just watching them have all that fun!

Dinner was at the girl's request: chicken tenders, KFC coleslaw, homemade mashed potatoes and corn. Everything else was chocolate- chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, chocolate snacks, and for breakfast she requested chocolate chocolate chip muffins. Even I was sick of chocolate at that point, so I had blueberry muffins. Oh so much better for me... Anyway, the girls all had a fun time talking, watching movies, talking, listening to music, talking, doing their nails, talking, dancing, talking... I think you get the gist of it. By 11 AM, they where heading home with instructions from us that they weren't allowed to be grumpy. I bet there were several girls who had naps that day.

Even though we were tired, we went to a free outdoor concert, which was sponsored by a Christian college around here. Although it was overcast and sprinkling every so often, we had a good picnic and we were able to enjoy the music of Brandon Heath and Bebo Norman. It was so relaxing (probably because we had no energy to do anything other than to relax...) The kids even managed to have a good time. And yes, the kids went to bed VERY early without much of a fuss. You know they were tired.
That's it for now. I'll post about our Memorial Day tomorrow, but you probably already know how some of it went.

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