Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Oooo and Ahhh Post

Love is in the air... There have been weddings left and right around here. And the one of which we've really been waiting finally arrived past weekend. Our past babysitter, Laura, found herself a sweet boy from Texas when she was in college and they finally got hitched. All of us were delighted when Laura asked both the Girl and the Boy to be in the wedding.

They've never been to a wedding, let alone in one before now. (I don't like to mix happy wedding bliss with kids who may or may not cause disruptions. Okay, I meant to say I don't want to mix others' wedding bliss with my kids... at least until they were old enough not to cause a ruckus. We've finally arrived...)

Anyway, we've been talking a lot about how to behave at a wedding, what it means to the bride and groom, what they'll have to do as the flowergirl and ringbearer and how this day was all about Laura and Blake and if they do anything to ruin the wedding they will rue the day they had been born and they'll never see the light of day again and no wedding cake will pass their lips if they didn't behave... or something like along those lines.

Never fear, they did just fine.

At the last moment, I assigned myself the task of staying with the kids until they walked down the aisle. I mainly wanted to make sure that the Girl didn't bean the Boy with the flower basket and the Boy didn't mess up the Girl's $45 dollar trip to the salon. ($45! for a 10 year-old girl! Sheesh! But, I have to say, she looked adorable. And yes, I watched that lady like a hawk because I could so do what that lady did to the girl's hair.)

Since I didn't want to walk down the aisle after Laura, I just sneaked in the back to watch it all. The kids behaved wonderfully, although the Boy kept looking back at Mr. Right and doing a little smile and wave. Mr. Right would smile and wave and then sign (ASL) to him, by making a "two" with his fingers and then pointing at his own eyes and twisting his wrist so that the "two" pointed to the wedding. The Boy completely understood the sign, nodded his head and then watched the wedding. Of course he would repeat the look back to his dad and his dad would repeat the "watch the wedding" sign. This happened enough that the boy when looking back at his dad and seeing his father do the sign, he nodded his head and then signed what he was supposed to do to his dad. Imagine a little boy flicking a two from his eyes to the wedding couple and smiling. Quite the snuffled tittering occurred from the audience... Well, that was the worst of his lack of attention. Really, I imagined him tossing the pillow into the air and doing huge twirls on one foot...

Anyway, here is where I give you the opportunity to oooo and ahhh over our really cute kids. And why yes, I am smiling a mother's smile right now... We did have pictures taken by the photographer, but I think it will be a while before we get to see those. So here are a few of ours.

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