Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sweet 16th

I know I said I'm swamped... and I am. I love having too much to do and wondering how on earth I'm going to get it all done. It kind of helps me to actually do it than to wait until the last possible moment to just throw everything together. I know, I know... I'm weird. (Thanks for the reminder, Kelli.) But after 36 years, I've come to accept certain things about me. You may as well too.

However, being swamped doesn't mean that I don't find times to play. And sometimes playing pays off in the long run.

For example, yesterday my boss came into work sick again (Really go back and read that one... it's stinkin' funny, if I do say so myself.) with the a good cold. After preaching the gospel of Airborne to him, he enclosed himself into his office. Ten minutes later he yells out, "I think I'll have you go get Airborne for me," as if he came up with this brilliant on his own... Men! So the payout for me was to get out into that beautiful sunshine while picking up Airborne (and Claritin, yet another think I've been trying to convince him to try since he thinks he has allergies, and Delsym - hey, I'm nothing if not persuasive) for him. Getting paid to shop with someone else's money is a definite bonus, even if it was just for cold medicines.

Or later that day when I noticed that my boss wouldn't have time to break for lunch, I offered to run and get him something - soup, his favorite salad, a sandwich from his favorite place, whatever he felt like eating with a cold. He said, "I really want a tuna sandwich. Go grab us some lunch." So I had the pleasure of more sunshine and a Subway BLO (Bacon, Lettuce Onion - with mayo, vinegar, salt and pepper) on the house. Mmmm, mmmm!

Or when I was back at the office eating my sandwich, working on meetings planning and listening to country music (yes, Jeana, I listen to I'd Like To Check You For Ticks with a happy heart), and the DJ announced that the 16th caller would win tickets to Alan Jackson and Brooks and Dunn. I thought, well why not?

So I called. And called. And called. And called. And called. And... hey it's ringing!

And I won.

(Thank you God for this sweet surprise.)

I'm thinking I should goof off a little more in the future. It's really improved my attitude, and I have high hopes it will improve my dating life with Mr. Right.

Now, if only I could win some cowboy boots for this concert... Anyone know of a contest for size 6 boots?

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