Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Rooooo- xio....

It's been too long since I've needed IT help which means it's been too long since you've been exposed to my witty sense of humor with all things concerning IT.

Oh okay, I know it's not witty per se. It's more like retarded, but I tell you this bloggers: it's working! And this time, I had someone besides the IT employee call me to tell me that the office was laughing over this IT submission. I will get that coveted "Ticketer most likely to make us laugh" award. It's mine... all mine. (This last bit was written solely for Kent who thinks he has the wherewithal to win such an honor should it ever exist. I laugh at his audacity and his meager attempts at humor. HA! Bring it on Kent. Bring it on... You shall bow in reverence to my ticket request skills!)

Not that I'm competitive or anything. Ahem.

Now for your viewing pleasure...

Submit : Rooooo- xio... You don't have to wear the dress tonight!

Problem Description: Apparently my Roxio is wearing NOTHING on any night because ever since the last installation, it seems to have lost its shirt... or dress... or access to my computer. And the message buttons WILL. NOT. GO. AWAY. I'm sure I'm breaking every rule about how to shut down the computer. I thought I'd fess up to it now rather than have you chastize me later. But a girl's gotta do what a girls gotta do when she's really busy... or rather when she's ready to go home and yet she's forgot to submit the ticket.

Would some kind soul please install my Roxio (again)? Because in real life, the little messages that state that I'm not cool enough to install it are making me see red lights. And you seriously don't want me to go all Police on you and make a Sting about it! Or sing to you when you answer my call. I'm just sayin'... It's for your safety IT peeps. It's for your safety.


And guess what? It's already fixed. I guess laughter really is the best medicine. (Yeah, the IT employee did ask me to sing about my Roxio, which I did with heart and gumption and flair. Too bad for him; his bad for daring me.)


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