Monday, May 07, 2007

Safety Tip #1

Yesterday we were driving home from church, and Mr. Right spotted an ambulance with its lights running in his rearview mirror.

Knowing that our kids have been very curious about road signs, traffic laws and what lines mean on the road, I took the ambulance behind us as an opportunity to test their knowledge of road safety. As we were pulling off, I turned to them and asked, "When you see an emergency vehicle - a police car, a fire truck or an ambulance - behind you and they have their lights on, what should you always do?" I fully expected them to say, "Pull over so that they can get to the emergency faster."

In unison, they both yelled out, "Say a prayer for them!"** And so we did.

I guess they've learned the best road safety tip that was never in any handbook.

**I've always asked one of the kids to say a prayer for the rescue workers, the people who need them and for the families. It's a small way to teach us to think of others that we don't know who need help. Plus it shows them that God cares for everyone. It's also part of that "pray without ceasing" idea that I'm trying to get them to understand.

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