Friday, May 04, 2007

The Day After

And no, this post has nothing to do with nuclear war...

First of all, let me thank each and every one of you for your birthday wishes. When we checked it out this morning, the girl was delighted to see so many comments. Now that I mention it, so was I! Thank you for sharing the birthday wishes, and thanks to those of you who sent me e-cards. I was smiling all throughout the day as I thought about them. Hoops and Yoyo were playing a lot in the office y'all. It's a good thing my boss had a flight to catch. I think I would have driven him nuts... well, more than usual anyway.

Here are some more highlights from my special day:
  • I talked with GiBee and Jeana.
  • My mom and dad called and also received her gift subscription to "Taste of Home Simple and Delicious"... And can I tell you what I think of it? Oddly enough, the recipes look simple... and delicious. Who'd of thunk?

  • My in-laws sent me a cute change purse that wasn't empty, and yet - it wasn't full of change either. Nice!
  • Mr. Right planned a surprise birthday dinner at one of my favorite restaurants (it's a mongolian grill) where he invited people who I might expect to come and others that I wouldn't. He stole my phone and called some people who were more "my" friends to invite them. And Addie, all I can say is that you should tell your relatives to plan their visits to be a little more Shalee-centered and not show up on my birthday... I would have loved to have you and Ben there as well.
  • My friends are too generous, but I thank you for the gifts and gift cards. They will be spent quickly I'm sure. As a matter of fact, Panera just got their first swipe from that card... And I had to laugh at my friend John's gift.

    He said he found it three months ago and he's waited all this time to give it too me... It cracks me up! "I blog, therefore I am." Hmph... "Comments (0)"... not with you people around the internet.
  • The girl really surprised me. She found a cookbook called bills food that she really liked and bought it for me with her own money. She was worried as to whether or not I would like it (which I really do!), but knowing that she really invested a lot of thought and spent her own money on it, I would keep it no matter what... Fortunately, I'm not put into an awkward position of wanting to take it back but not being able to do so. It's a delicious-looking keeper with some simple, tasty and fresh recipes. And to give you a teaser, the first one we're going to try is the chocolate self-saucing cake.

    Mmmm mmmm is all I can say... And if you show up, I'll share.
  • And just look at this card from Mr. Right.

    He's such a romantic man. I don't deserve him at all, but I'll just hold tightly onto him, because there's no way I'm letting any other girl have him! (And Shannon, I'm glad I didn't try to think BIG as you suggested with the Admin Gift... Mr. Right had it all along.) And to top it off, on the back of the iPod he engraved:

Proverbs 31:10-29


Before going to bed, he read those scriptures to me. Sigh... My life is so blessed. And I well know it.

Lastly, Mr. Right left this comment for me on yesterday's post, but I had to share it front page and center. It was too good not to highlight, in my opinion, and since it's my blog, I guess mine's the only one that ultimately counts.

36 Great Memories of Shalee in a Nut-Shell by Mr. Right
  1. Reading James and the Giant Peach aloud to you on the bluff at Wildwood
  2. Not enough garlic in the spaghetti sauce (defining moment!)
  3. “Doubly Good”
  4. Playing in the rain (Harding)
  5. Fire alarm at the ski resort (Colorado)
  6. Monet in Chicago
  7. Tubing down the Platte (and the walk back)
  8. Dancing on roller skates
  9. Posing for drawings
  10. Kissing in the Rain Forest (Omaha Zoo)
  11. Crab ambush (Galveston)
  12. 4th of July on the Peabody, Memphis
  13. The ultimate Battleship finish (Brocks) (cheater)
  14. Gravy balls
  15. Ice cubes for Thanksgiving, 1999
  16. Moo Juice (Jamaica)
  17. Castor oil + long bumpy ride = baby
  18. Reading Sense and Sensibility to each other (York)
  19. Breakfast at Chances R
  20. French Quarters (Memphis)
  21. Hot tub in the rain (Eureka Springs)
  22. Riding horses in the rain through the forest (Eureka Springs)
  23. 4-wheeling to the access road around traffic jam
  24. Long walks holding hands
  25. Halloween at the Colts-Chiefs game
  26. Stogies and a Mango Martini (J Gilberts)
  27. Jumping in the pool fully clothed after a long walk on a hot day (convincing the kids that it’s ok)
  28. Dancing all night in Memphis
  29. The “Nerd Dance”
  30. Your love letters on flowery paper (and perfume!)
  31. Seeing you, your son and your daughter sitting up on our big bed reading books
  32. Tying a cherry stem with your tongue in ten seconds
  33. Mashed Potato fight (NYCamp)
  34. Halloween in footy pajamas (no, not the kids)
  35. Throwing Mystery Dinners (all out)
  36. Being in my arms

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