Thursday, May 03, 2007

Poor Service To Kirstie

I've been up thinking about this event most of the night. I gave really poor unChrist-like service to a commenter yesterday. An insult was left in my comments, and I let my flesh have the better of me. Instead of turning the other cheek or just ignoring it, I retaliated. Unfortunately for me, I am really good with a comeback. Sometimes my brain or mouth kicks in before my heart has a chance to listen.

So Kirstie, I want to apologize for not letting God have the floor and for being such a poor example of grace and love to you. I've been on this earth 36 years, yet it seems that some lessons I will never learn fully. Please forgive my lack of grace and patience and my ugliness to you.

Although you may not want to ever come back to my diner, I've got a special table reserved for you, and I'd love to sit and to talk with you. I know I can't change your first impression of me, but I'd love to show you that there is a better side to me than what you saw yesterday - the side where God is leading and I'm just along for the ride. And I'd love to turn back the clock to have a do-over with you.


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