Friday, May 25, 2007

A Rebuttal to Jeana

Jeana came up with a very well-thought, "logical" reason as to why she should get half of the winnings to the winning lottery ticket that I should be holding since I'm on a streak this week.
  1. The getting paid to shop for my boss
  2. The free lunch
  3. The Brooks and Dunn tickets
  4. And now I found out that I won Holymama's prize for feeling myself up.

Jeana especially thinks that she deserves that last prize and my imaginary lottery winnings. I'd like to address Jeana's appeals:

If I had been thinking about getting together with another girl, I really would have asked you to come and join me for the concert. However, I was mostly thinking about how fun it would be to make out with Mr. Right - before, during and after the concert because, really there's nothing like sitting outside on a warm night, listening to country and love songs to make you want to drive off into the country and make out. But trust me, if I didn't have visions of epic dating proportions in my head, I'd have so asked you. And (!) I wouldn't even have tried to hold your hand...

"With the streak you're on, you really should think about buying a lottery ticket. And of course half the winnings should go to me because it was my idea."

If I should choose to buy a lottery ticket, I would love to share it with the person who first suggested that I should see if my streak would hold. That sounds quite reasonable. But the said winnings would go to Oopsy Daisy, as she in fact made that same suggestion on May 22nd, 2007, the day I first posted. Two days before your suggestion... She even made the suggestion at my diner, rather than at her own blog. So she has a little closer to the source.

"It's totally obvious that the second prize should go to me, anyone can see that."

Don't you realize that you already won the second prize? I mean, you were able to cop a feel on yourself... How much better if you had gotten Scott in on the job! That's such a (booby) prize in and of itself.

And I'd like to thank you for reminding me about It Could Happen To You. I think I should rent that one again. Bridget Fonda is so cute in that movie... I only like her in Lake Placid a little better. She was stinkin' funny in that one. And she really kicked buttocks in The Point of No Return...

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