Monday, June 11, 2007

I Got Checked For Ticks

I know y'all are all dying to hear what I did on my night/day alone, aren't ya? Well, keep breathing because I'll tell you. You may want to take your bathroom break and get your coffee first. It's not short... Don't worry; I won't start without you. Ready now? Here I go.

On Friday around 3ish, I realized I hadn't eaten lunch, and since I was out and about for the office anyway, I thought I'd get a Chik-fil-A sandwich. I love Chik-fil-A. If I didn't already have a job I really love, I would apply there solely to get a daily sandwich fix. Later, I ran by the library and picked up a few movies that I'd been wanting to see lately: Wings of a Dove and Elizabeth. Then I ran to the store to pick up meat that was on sale, which was really necessary because our freezer was almost bare! Now we have all sorts of goodies just waiting to be eaten this summer. I also picked up an avocado; I figured if I'm by myself, I might as well eat what sounded good to me, and I knew that a single serving of guacamole would be calling my name later in the evening.

Isn't this just all SO EXCITING so far? Ummm, yeah.

When I made it home, I sat in the setting sun and read the rest of A Walk in the Woods. (I'll do a review of it later.) It was about 8 PM by the time I made my guac and was able to sit down to watch Wings of a Dove. (By the way, I was totally wrong about the movie Wings of a Dove following the book. It kept the same plot line, but it varied greatly in details. And if the truth be told, I thought the movie came out on the winning side. But that's just me.) I tried to watch Elizabeth, but the tape was busted. A no-go on that one...

Surprisingly, I slept well... well, I would have slept really well if my stupid cat would have left me alone. She kept walking all over me, sticking her whiskers in my face and being an utter pain. I just kept throwing her off the bed. When I awoke in the morning around 7 AM, which, mind you, is sleeping in for me, I discovered the reason for her all night visits: she was out of food. Stupid cat. I fed her and she left me alone after that.

I ate half a cantaloupe for breakfast and then I ran to Starbucks, courtesy of Antique Mommy, the now really famous and published authoress in a magazine! And no it's not the centerfold, although she could surely pull that one off... You go, AM! (Can you believe that I STILL have money on that card? It won't be for long, let me assure you. But thanks again for the thoughtful gift.) I sat in the sun, sipping my wonderful coffee when the kids called. They were having so much fun in the RV with the grandparents. You're all correct when you say that they're making memories that will last them a lifetime. I'm really glad that they get to have something that I didn't.

One of the things I've been wanting to do lately is to walk the arboretum near our house. It has miles and miles of trails, so I can hike in a safe area and not get lost. Two pluses in my book... So I packed a backpack with water, Melba toast and cream cheese garlic dip (Hey, I said I was BY MYSELF... I wasn't intending on breathing on anybody...) and a book. I hiked for two hours at a great pace, stopping for my light lunch when I was ready and I felt fabulous. I marveled at God's nature, listened to the birds and did some good talking with God. A perfect morning...

Just as I was finishing, Mr. Right called and said he would be back in town in 30 minutes. What?! I didn't expect him until 4 PM, so this was a great surprise. He said he awoke very early and took off for home because he couldn't wait to see me again. (Isn't that man sweet!) Even though I was all sweaty glistening from the walk, I asked him to meet me in town to go to the library sale. He said he wasn't smelling his best from the long drive, but he would love to go to the sale with me. We met up, had some good kissing and then we bought books for 50 cents a pop. Not bad, if I do say so myself!

Mr. Right had already said he was tired and that he needed a nap, so when we returned home, I was totally prepared to not bother him for requests for *ahem*. (In case you're new here, that means sex. But really, but telling you that, I should have just said sex, shouldn't have I? Well, now you know...) I even felt that I could join him in his napping, a rarity with me. He jumped in the shower and I jumped in the bed: earplugs - check, pillow over head - check, clothed for sleeping - check. I was in the sleeping zone.

As I'm resting, Mr. Right comes out of the shower, lifts my pillow and said, "Shalee, you're sending mixed signals here!" Now, I don't know about you, but I thought my signals were all but screaming "NAP!!!" Sheeze Louise... Men! And they say we're not clear in communication... I totally read his signals though, and yep, I gladly watched the vapors of sleep vanish. It was really nice to have him back home.

Sunday was church, lunch, nap (for real, this time!) and then another walk at the arboretum with Mr. Right. We had such a great time. Sometime during the walk, I started singing Brad Paisley's Ticks, as it was fitting to the theme. Mr. Right said, "I sure like to check you for ticks when we get home, Baby." And I said, "Only if we walk through a field of wild flowers!" We laughed about how silly of a song that was as we climbed rocks, made new paths and were all and all having fun.

I took him through a mile loop that I thought was gorgeous as our last part of the walk. It came out at a weird place, but I knew the park well enough to know how to get back to the entrance. We just needed to make our own path to known section of paths. As we're making our shortcut, all of the sudden Mr. Right said, "Hey Sha! We're walking through a field of wild flowers." And he flashed me his knowing smile.

So I let him check me for ticks when we got home. All I can say is that it's been fantastic to be kidless and free these past couple of days. We're honeymooning again, and I've a permanent smile plastered on my face. This is going to be one fabulous summer...

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