Friday, June 08, 2007

Joy, Laced With Sadness

Joy: My kids will be gone all summer again.

Mr. Right and I have been utterly blessed with family members who want to see our kids during the summer. We all live so far apart that the best time to do all the visiting is during the summer. My parents and my brother's family who are all living in Florida are taking the kids for two weeks; then Mr. Right's parents want the kids for the remainder of the summer.

What I wouldn't give to be MY kid right now... Think of all the spoiling, fun and utter delight they're going to have with everyone. Sometimes it reeks to be the grownup.

So this morning, Mr. Right and the kids took off to go to Paragould, Arkansas for the old "kid swap" with my parents. They happen to be sojourneying there and the kids are SO EXCITED TO RIDE IN THE RV!!!!!! Did you know that you can walk in it WHILE IT'S MOVING? And there's a TV IN THE RV and A BED!

Is it wrong to not feel sorry for my folks at this moment? They may totally rue the day they thought of this plan...

Sadness: My kids will be gone all summer again.

I'm going to miss the snuggles, giggles, hugs, and yes, even the squabbles between those two. Part of my heart already feels empty just knowing that when I wake up in the morning, I won't hear voices begging for chocolate chip pancakes and bacon. The house felt as if it were lacking its usual signs of life, even moments after they pulled out of the driveway, throwing kisses at me.

It's going to be a long summer full of ups and downs on the emotional roller coaster, I can tell.

And to top it off, I only just figured out that I have a night and a day completely and utterly to myself now... So what do you think I should do tonight? What movie should I rent/see? Or what book should I go find at the Half Price Bookstore tomorrow?

Because, really that's the important issue in the whole thing.

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