Monday, July 02, 2007

Tra La... The Magical Bloggity Tour

First off, we saw our kids, we had a lot of fun and we can't wait to see them again in 12 more days.

Life is very good on their end. The girl is at camp now, enjoying time with her friends. I've already lined up for her to receive 3 packages while she's there, each with some good camp snack foods like mini Oreos, mini Nutter Butter cookies, Teddy Grahams, Twizzlers, Laffy Taffy and more Jolly Ranchers than she and her cabin can eat... or not. They're all 11ish in age. They might have each of the items devoured before lunch. My only satisfaction is that she has to sing or, in one case, to do the Chicken Dance in order to get her mail. (I wrote that specific instruction on the outside of the package.) I love being the parent. It's thrilling to know the power I have over the child who wants a package of love from home.

The boy is with Grandma with ever intention of getting spoiled this week. He's already informed me that he is going to ask Grandma to take him to get a Frosty. He has high ambitions, but at least they're realistic.

Now for the BIG NEWS...

Mr. Right and I will be celebrating our 15th Anniversary on the 24th of this month. (15! Where has all the years gone? We were just a couple of young lovers a few years ago... now we're the mentors in our Young Married/Newlyweds link at church. We're more of the "What NOT to do" examples, but hey, if it keeps others healthy and happy in their marriage, I'm all for being that example. I think I got off course here somewhere... I'm getting back on track now.)

For our celebration, we've determined to go to a place that neither of us has been, yet we both have a wish to visit. So we've made plans to take a trip to the Smoky Mountains. We both long to see those mountains, walk the trails and just breath in God's presence in some of the great untouched beauties of his world. And way back when, when I was trying to decide what my boss would get me for Assistant Appreciation Day, I decided that he would buy us white water rafting rides for Mr. Right and me and I decided that he would throw in horseback riding too. (He was shocked in the good sense when I told him what he bought me. I think I moved up a couple of points in his eyes.) So we have quite the outdoorsy week planned in the mountains, and it couldn't be any more perfect if I had planned it. Oh wait. I did plan it. Well, that makes it even better! But really God deserves all the glory in it, so I'm giving it to him.

Knowing that we were heading in that direction of the U.S., I begged and pleaded asked Mr. Right politely if we could carve out some time to visit with some bloggers who I knew to be around that area. After staring at me as if I had 3 heads and then rolling his eyes only once, he said that it sounded like fun to meet some of my friends, and he only made the condition that the meetings be scheduled for the weekend before and the weekend after our time in Gatlinburg (TN), which I thought was fair considering it is supposed to be our "I'm so glad I'm with you" anniversary trip and all... So, before he could recant his act of generosity, I contacted some of the bloggers who I knew to be from that area of the country and asked if they would meet with me for some one on one fellowship and, of course, some great food.

So I proudly announce to you my Blogging Tour and those who were foolish enough bored enough bullied into kind enough to carve out time in their schedules to meet with us:

  • The Thankful, Always Encouraging and very courageous Peach from Without Fear, who said yes before I gave her any details
  • The ever-elusive because she's on a temporary blogging break (which has nothing to do with me!) Shayne from Better Is One Day In Your Courts
  • The blogger with whom I found out I actually went to college and we have multiple co-friends who'll get to meet when I go back home to Memphis Karla from Ainsley's Mom
  • The other blogger who is just a tad on the side of being obsessive about her boyfriend Clay Aiken, yet I just knew I had to meet in Memphis too - Southern Girl
  • And I need y'all's help with this last one because only God can make this meeting happen, but I told her that I would be asking all of you to lift up this request for a meeting to God on my behalf. If you would pray that God will make it so that I can throw a real hug around the neck of Boomama, I would be ever-so-appreciative. (But seriously, it ain't gonna happen without God's help, so please add that to you're prayer list, would you? That girl is busy beyond belief, but I'm really praying that she can squeeze me into her schedule, along with some good southern food of course...)

So that's it. We'll be taking the Magical Bloggity Tour starting on the 2oth, and I'm really hoping that I can blog about it as I go. We'll wrap it up around the 29th in Memphis. It should be fun and exciting! Oh yeah, and I'll be having a great time on my anniversary trip too...

P.S. To you burgulars out there who might be getting a notion or two: We've a housesitter who has a bat and isn't afraid to use it, not to mention some very nosy neighbors who will come over to see what you're doing and then boss you around when they see you. Not to mention a cat who will shed all over you if you make it into the house. Besides, we don't have the good stuff. We don't watch tv and we bought our stereo for $70 at Walmart 2 years ago. Really, it won't be worth your time at all. You really want the rich neighborhood two streets east of us. But I can sell you the house if you're in the market for one...

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