Friday, July 06, 2007

Things That Bother Me

  1. Selling a house
  2. Not having access to my blog at work
  3. Not being able to leave comments on Blogger posts
  4. The way my hair acts all great when I think about cutting it, but then looks really bad when I change my mind
  5. The way that #4 repeats itself throughout the year
  6. Books that weren't worth the time it took to read it
  7. Trying to think of things that bother me and not being able to think of them
  8. Seeing parents treat their kids rudely just because their parents
  9. Having a basement in the house you are trying to sell flood
  10. Having so much rain to cause the flood
  11. Using one of my free night to tear out every shred of carpeting and pad and all the woodwork involved (but being very thankful to the friends who came at a moment's notice and arrived at the end of their work day to help us with task - they made short work of a big task. Thank you God for giving us such kind and caring friends!)
  12. Having certain blogger friends live so far away
  13. PMS
  14. Cleaning the toilets that is in use by a 7 year old boy
  15. The mirrors in Victoria's Secret
  16. "."
  17. The way I fall into the same sins
  18. The way I try out new sins
  19. Lewd and foul lyrics in music
  20. Movies that are PG13, but they're made for little kids to want to see
  21. Ticket prices for most anything
  22. The way my stomach pudges
  23. The way people roll their eyes when I say "The way my stomach pudges"
  24. 98% of all tv shows
  25. The way that kids are inactive and unimaginative compared to 25 years ago
  26. That 80's music now plays on the "oldies" station
  27. The fact that most of the blogging world is on vacation
  28. The fact that I have only 2 good shorts to my name
  29. Phone solicitors
  30. Poor customer service
  31. Finding more and more unruly gray hairs sticking out from the top of my head
  32. Anything/anyone getting too close to my eyes
  33. Large, pushy crowds
  34. The price of clothes
  35. Peer pressure in kids... and adults
  36. Disrespect that is shown by children and is allowed by adults
  37. Finding out that there is no toilet paper after I've used the facilities
  38. Getting toys for the cat and finding that she won't play with them
  39. Mosquitoes
  40. Stains that won't disappear
  41. Feeling tired before I ever get out of bed
  42. Working inside and shut-in on a beautiful day
  43. Having anyone stand behind me while I type
  44. The way that semolina (flour) sounds like salmonella
  45. Pimples (on me)
  46. Feeling too full after a great meal
  47. People who talk too loudly on the phone
  48. When people are selfish and don't think of others
  49. The cat when she wakes me multiple times at night
  50. Not snuggling with my kids

There, maybe getting that out of my system will help me to be more appreciative of the things that are good in life. (And that list is way longer than this one!)


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