Friday, July 20, 2007

Five, Five, Five, Five... Let's Sing A Song Of Five

Today is the first day of our 15th Anniversary Vacation (and my Tra La Bloggity Tour)! Woo hoo! We're off to Nashville today and then Gatlinburg tomorrow.

However I do have a bit of sad news. Peach had a sudden change of plans and will not be able to meet with me. I'm sad about it, yet I know that God has a reason for her staying home. Peach, this doesn't mean that you've heard the last of me... (And I'm still hopeful for Boomama. Keep praying about her being able to visit with me and about her stuffed ear. I SAID YOUR STUFFED EAR, BOOMAMA, NOT YOUR TOUGH REAR.)

So I'm leaving you with yet another long overdue meme for today, but hopefully I'll get the old camera out for tomorrow.

Blessings to you all!


I was tagged by Morning Glory from Seeds from My Garden to do the Meme of Five. So here I go...

INSTRUCTIONS: Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom slot, like so.


I Still See A Spark In You

walking through doors

Seeds from My Garden

Shalee's Diner

Next select five people to tag: Susanne, Deena, My Best Investment, Jeana and Addie (just to see if she's still reading)

Now for the hard part — the questions:

  • What were you doing 10 years ago? I was the wife of a Mr. Right, the then Art Professor, and the mother of a sweet one year old daughter who worked in the post office at a small Christian college.

  • What were you doing 1 year ago? I'm sure I was working, blogging and missing my kids. Here's the post from that day.

Five snacks you enjoy:

  • Chocolate fudge ice cream from Baskin & Robbins

  • Funnel cakes

  • Thin Mints

  • Chips and guacamole

  • pastries from our artisan french bakery (particulary the pain au chocolat)
Five songs to which you know all the lyrics to:

  • Crazy For You by Madonna

  • I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers

  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper

  • We Didn't Start The Fire by Billy Joel

  • Love Shack by the B-52s (Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiin roof --- rusted!)

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:

  • Pay off our and our families debts

  • Give a lot of it to church missions/charities that we like

  • Travel

  • Quit my job

  • Get laser hair removal (yes, I'm that vain/lazy/ready to quit with the nicks)

Five bad habits:

  • Finishing others' sentences (Seriously, I'm trying to stop!)

  • Not going to bed on time

  • Not brushing my teeth before bed (I know, I know... I really need to do it.)

  • Giving things to God and then taking them back

  • Eating when I'm not hungry

Five things you like doing:

  • Traveling (especially with Mr. Right)

  • Cooking (especially with Mr. Right)

  • Reading (with or without Mr. Right)

  • Trying new drinks of the alcoholic persuation (especially with Mr. Right)

  • Eating (especially with Mr. Right)

Five things you would never wear again:

  • Skinny jeans

  • Waterproof mascara

  • Maternity clothes

  • Bell bottoms

  • My wedding dress

Five favorite toys:

  • A huge library

  • iPod

  • Computer (for blogging)

  • The great outdoors

  • Mr. Right (You can't be surprised, you know...)


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