Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Marriage Meme

In honor of our 15th anniversary, I give you our Marriage Meme. However, you can also get many more details in this post whereby I give you all the gory long lovely details...

  1. Where/How did you meet? Harding University in 1990. Mr. Right saw me across the student center and just had to know all about me.

  2. How long have you known each other? almost 17 years

  3. How long after you met did you start dating? Perhaps you should refer to this post... But I'll answer it by saying it took too long.

  4. How long did you date before you were engaged? A different post sure would explain a lot, but the official asking happened in roughly 10 months from our first date.

  5. How long was your engagement? 5 months (Would have been 4 if one of my bridesmaids had volunteered eariler that she couldn't make it. We set our date to include her in the first place. Hmph.)

  6. How long have you been married? 15 years

  7. What is your anniversary? Today, July 24

  8. How many people came to your wedding reception? 150

  9. What kind of cake did you serve? Chocolate cake with white chocolate icing

  10. Where was your wedding? Memphis, TN

  11. What did you serve for your meal? We had a homecooked food line: lumpia (a family favorite), fruit, cheeses and a bunch of other stuff that I really can't remember...

  12. How many people were in your wedding party? 4 bridesmaids, 4 groomsmen and 2 ushers

  13. Are you still friends with them all? Yes, even though I don't see most of them.

  14. Did your spouse cry during the ceremony? No, but I did. I couldn't make it though my vows as it hit me as to how momentous and special the day and words were.

  15. Most special moment of your wedding day? My most special moment was running out of the church after the reception while evading the rice pelting, knowing that I belonged to Mr. Right and that my life was truly just beginning.

  16. Any funny moments? Lots! The funniest that I remember was when I was walking down the aisle. For some really strange reason, I felt the need to verbally welcome people who were standing there as I was walking to the front. They caught me on tape saying, "Oh I'm so glad you could come." or waving and head-nodding to several of our friends. It wasn't until I was at the front that the thought occurred to me that my husband-to-be was waiting for me... I can't even imagine what Mr. Right was thinking of me as I'm not looking at the most important person to me that day. I'm such a dork.

  17. Any big disasters? The gentleman who filmed our wedding accidently turned the camera off just as we were saying our vows. We didn't get them for posterity, but they still ring true in my head.

  18. Where did you go on your honeymoon? Jamaica, which I highly recommend to everyone, especially if you go to a Sandals' resort.

  19. How long were you gone? One blessed (sex-filled) week. Woo hoo!

  20. If you were to do your wedding over, what would you change? I would have had a dance at my reception. I was too intimidated to rock the Church of Christ boat.

  21. What side of the bed do you sleep on? Whichever side is closer to the bathroom...

  22. What size is your bed? King, which is really funny considering the fact that Mr. Right and I are slim people. But I want my space when I sleep. I only really like to cuddle when I'm awake.

  23. Greatest strength as a couple? We're different in so many ways. We use those differences to round each other out.

  24. Greatest challenge as a couple? We're different in so many ways. The old saying of "Opposites attract." is never really finished... It's "Opposites attract... then attack." There are still times when we have to remind ourselves not to attack each other.

  25. Who literally pays the bills? Shalee

  26. What is your song? I don't know that we really have just one, but I'm going to say Masterpiece by Atlantic Starr. When Mr. Right proposed, being the Art Professor that he was, he made this statement: "I know real beauty. I've seen so many works of art that take my breath away. But Shalee, you're my masterpiece. God made you perfectly, and you're my perfect piece of art." A couple of months later is when Masterpiece debuted, and it was as if God took Mr. Right's words and set them to music.

  27. What did you dance your first dance to? Our first dance as man and wife was in Jamaica. All I know is that my shy, don't-look-at-me Mr. Right took my hand and led me to an empty dance floor and danced with me.

  28. Describe your wedding dress: I'll try to scan it in so that you can see it sometime... It was off the shoulder, lots of lace and sequins and it had a looooong train. I loved it.

  29. What kind of flowers did you have at your wedding? I carried white sweetheart roses in an open bouquet. The attendants had white roses tied with a ribbon.

  30. Are your wedding bands engraved? They weren't at the time, but since then, on our 10th anniversary, I stole Mr. Right's band, under the guise of getting it cleaned, and engraved "Love Forevermore".

  31. How old were you when you got married? He was 26 and I was 21.

Happy Anniversary, honey. I know that you are my gift from God, my masterpiece to enjoy each day. I love you more than I can possibly explain and would gladly, readily, willingly do it all over again.


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