Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I'm Baaaack! Well, Sort Of...

It seems that Blogger and Picasa didn't want to play nicely together and that left me high and dry in the middle. That's why you've not had the pleasure of my company of late. However, Mr. Right twinkled his fingers over the computer, pressed a few buttons and voila! I'm back in business. I just love that man.

To answer Anoymous' questions about the pictures: The camera is a 6 year old digital camera that was passed on to us by Mr. Right's parents. (Thank you in-awes!) And whoever was holding the camera at the time took the pictures... Wait, that didn't sound quite right. I mean to say that there wasn't just a single picture-taker. We split that duty, but I'd have to wager that Mr. Right took a few more than I did.

To answer Kelli and Barb: Yes, we had a blast, but I can't wait to put my arms around my kids. One thing that has helped tremendously is that fact that the girl calls often. And if she forgets a day, she apologizes for neglecting us... I think she's just rich! The boy on the other hand... he just doesn't want to be "disturbed". I'll disturb him when I see him this weekend...

Well, we did make it home safe and sound. As we were pulling up to our house on Sunday, Mr. Right commented that this vacation could not have been any more perfect than it was. God truly blessed our socks off with this one! AND... we brought BBQ home from Memphis; there it sits in our freezer until we need our next taste of southern goodness. I can't wait to go back home already.

Oh! And Mr. Right and I saw Hairspray. Loved it! I wouldn't mind taking the girl to see it, but really, let me be honest and say that she'll have to wait until it comes out on DVD. There are about four curse words in the entire movie and there are some sexual inuendos, but nothing is seen and I'm hoping most of them will just fly over her head. If not, we'll have another good gab session.

And I read Quaker Summer. I enjoyed it, although the pessimistic side of me says, "Yeah, right." A lot of the conversations between the mom and son seemed awfully contrive and unrealistic, but I love the idea behind the entire story: That God wants to use us for his glory, but often we have to let go of our love for this world to be truly useful for him. It was very much written as a vacation read though, so that was nice.

I'm desperately trying to climb my way out of the tasks at work. I'm fearing that there is no way I can catch up on everyone, so I'm going to ask a HUGE favor. Would you please leave me a comment so that I can hear a little something that is going on with you? That way, I won't feel so guilty that I can't read the 600+ entries in bloglines. (Good night, you would pick last week to have a posting marathon!) So help a girl out and tell me something that you want me to know about you and your life. Thanks so much!

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