Wednesday, August 15, 2007

There She Goes. There She Goes Again.

New school.

New teachers.

New clothes.

New friends.

New experiences.

She doesn't need me as much as I wish she did. She's growing, maturing, changing. As anxious as she is to test her wings, I'm as anxious about her new flight. I can only sit back and give her pointers. I can't fly for her.

It frightens me how quickly time is passing. Where once a playful, small toddler stood, now stands a lithe, witty, beautiful young girl. Before she looked to us for hugs, snacks and kisses on owies; now she looks to us for strength, wisdom, encouragement, physical affection, love, security and pocket money. I remember her first attempts at walking, but one day entirely too soon, she'll walk out our door, heading out on her own two feet, facing her own challenges and living her own dreams.

But for now, I'll keep this sweet, funny girl safe under my wing for as long as she'll let me. I'll pray God's protection and guidance for her, that she'll learn many of life's lessons without deep scars, that she can learn to love herself for the beautiful girl that is.

I'm watching closely from afar, like a middle schooler prefers.

But not too afar.


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