Monday, January 21, 2008

March Of The Penguins

Look what came waltzing into our yard this weekend...

This one loves to eat fish... and pizza, loaded potato soup, chocolate chip cookies, asparagus, chili, fried chicken, kiwi, taco salad, roast and veggies, mandarin orange broccoli chicken, pickled beets, german cabbage, grapefruit, cornbread, homemade mac & cheese, cajun rice, espinaca and chips, roulade, lasagna, chicken enchiladas, cantaloupe, clam chowder, lima beans, hamburgers, tuna casserole, shrimp and noodles, hawaiian pork, chicken pot pie, stir fry, moo goo gai pan, steak, baked potatoes, strawberry chicken, quesadillas, grilled zucchini, watermelon, yogurt, guacamole, crab legs, yams, garlic string green beans, spicy thai chicken pasta, cinnamon rolls and, of course, sushi.

But not brussel sprouts.  Smart penguin, that one.

The penguin's brother? Not so much. Studies showed that if the food was green (except the kiwi) or if it has any look of being "different", it creates a sneering reflex before he ever sits at the table.

Yeah, he goes to bed hungry every now and then.

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