Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Saved By Computer Woes

Really, I don't know why that post published twice. Maybe Blogger is feeling a bit sorry for me and decided to give y'all double the fun... And I don't want to get rid of the first one because there's a great comment on it. So, for now, it stays.

It's rainy here. I'm tired. It would have been a perfect day for staying home, curling up with a good book and a cup of tea, and reading all the blogs that I want to read. Now that I think about it, wouldn't everyday be a good day for that?

Yeah, I need that job.

Speaking of job, as I'm sitting here in a Chinese food-induced coma, I figure that I would (hopefully) give Kelli another post on which to smile.

I hope she knows that every IT request I submit, I submit with her in mind. Especially if she's reading this drivel at 2 in the morning...

Submit (Incident # - ID1461275 ) Hallelujah! My scanning program has converted...

Problem Description - [(Shalee) -- 01/10/08 12:02 PM]

I noticed a change in my scanning program about a month ago, back when it was hanging out with some men with pamphlets and the Scanning Bible. Not long after this time, it left for a tent revival and it came back saving in a whole new way. Before this sudden conversion, it used to offer me all sorts of options as to how to save scanned documents, but now it only sees one way of being saved - through a tif. No other way is available in its mind's eye now. It's either a tif or else you go straight to h - e - double toothpicks. No PDF, no Word Document,
nothing. This is causing some complications between me and my fellow degenerates in this business world who can't open files eye to eye.

Would you please give my scanning program a good talking? I'm not saying it has to give up tiffs entirely. Everyone's entitled to their own viewpoints. But I need some flexibility or else I'm going to prove to it that there's a devil here who wishes she could wear Prada. Don't
let that fool you; I can be just as mean in Ann Taylor too.

I received a call in minutes regarding my problem. Ray laughed and said, "(Your IT requests) make me cry, Shalee. I mean that in a really good way."

Upon his fixing the problems (I don't know what he did, but I watched him open all sorts of windows and click all sorts of things. I know - I'm an IT wizard, aren't I?)

His closing description to my submittal?

Work Description - [Close Description]
[Closed by Ray -- 01/10/08 01:26 PM]
the devil received prada - thus working correctly now

Did you notice what I noticed?  I think I'm doing good deeds all over the company when our IT department responds with humor in kind.  And the angels in heaven rejoiced!

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