Monday, January 07, 2008

Interwebs: I Have A Problem

Well, it’s not really a problem per se. Well, no it is, but it’s one that can be remedied in a day or two and a little cash.

So here’s where I totally come clean and tell you what a thieving blogger I am. Forgive me, webfriends, for I have sinned.

You see, when we moved into the house a couple of years ago, we had every intention of getting DSL. We were all set for it. We had the number on the to-do list, but we hadn’t gotten down that far because you know when you move into a house, you have no energy to anything other than try to convince your better half that he is the one who is supposed to call out for Chinese food because your body hurts more than his and you can’t possibly do anything other than eat and watch a movie.

And as we pulled out the laptop to watch some mindless movie when we really should be putting food in our pantry and finding our bathroom bag that had the toothbrushes because despite the exhaustion of a move, bad breath will does not take a vacation, we discovered to our surprise that we had internet access already. What that really meant is that we were piggybacking on someone’s wireless router. And since we were really feeling the crunch after a move (did you know that it’s expensive just to move across town?), we thought why buy the services now when we can wait a couple of months when whoever has the wireless blocks us from it?

And so we waited. And used the internet. And waited. And used the internet. (Rinse and repeat for 2 ½ years.)

But lo' and behold, we came back from our Christmas trip at Grandma’s house to discover that someone got some firewall security for Christmas. And we have no internet access from home. Bummer.

So as I’m stopping by the library just so I can post, I’m just telling you that posting may be a bit scarce over the next few days while we decide which service is best for us. But who knows? I might just swing over to McDonald's on my lunch break just to keep you on your toes!

Oh, and it’s also the reason I’ve not been at your blogs in a while. I’m not ignoring you. I’m just immobile for the moment. I am reading you on my breaks at work, but if you’re on Blogger, I’m blocked from your comments. Darn work filters!!! It's as if they expect one to actually WORK there... What is this world coming to?

But don’t you worry your pretty little heads about us. We’ve seen the errors of our ways and we won’t do it again… unless when we move, we find the same cheap deal at our next house. (Just kidding! Sheesh, don’t you all start ragging on me in the comments section; well I guess you can. I won’t see it for the next few days anyway…)

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